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    With the evolution of gaming, the Xbox community has always been at the forefront of creativity and innovation. Beyond the realm of gameplay, one area that has seen significant attention and passion is the customization of the physical aspects of the gaming experience. A prominent example of this is the creation of custom DVD covers for Xbox applications.
    A Personal Touch to Gaming
    For many gamers, the Xbox is not just a console; it's an extension of their personality and a testament to their passion for gaming. Custom DVD covers provide an avenue for gamers to express their creativity and make their collection uniquely theirs. Whether it's a favorite homebrew game, a cherished application, or a tool they frequently use, having a custom cover that reflects the essence of the content inside makes the experience all the more personal.
    The Community’s Role
    The Xbox community has been instrumental in driving this customization trend. Forums, websites, and social media groups have become hubs for sharing, collaborating, and showcasing these custom designs. Artists, designers, and enthusiasts come together to create covers that range from minimalist to intricate, abstract to detailed, and everything in between.
    One such forum that has gained traction is the Xbox Scene forum, where members share their custom designs, provide feedback, and even offer templates for newcomers to start their journey in DVD cover customization. The sheer variety and quality of designs available are a testament to the talent and dedication of the community.
    Why Custom Covers?
    There are several reasons why custom covers have become popular:
    Personal Expression: As mentioned, it allows gamers to express their creativity and make their collection stand out. Collection Aesthetics: For collectors, having a uniform or themed look can be aesthetically pleasing especially with the vast amount of homebrew dashboards which allow you to display cover are for the title. Conclusion
    The custom Xbox application DVD cover trend underscores the broader theme of personalization in the gaming world. As consoles and games become more advanced and immersive, the community continues to find ways to make the experience more personal and unique. Whether it's through modding, custom skins, or DVD covers, the Xbox community's passion for personal expression remains undeniable.

    Follow the thread here.

    In a drive to continue providing the Xbox community with top-notch tools, the latest release of Repackinator, version 1.4.0, is now available. The highlight of this release? StellarOS CSO support!
    What's New in v1.4.0?
    Repackinator is the new go-to tool for the Original Xbox, designed to provide comprehensive ISO management. This new version brings in support for StellarOS's CSO format, amplifying the already impressive suite of features. Notably, the compression with the StellarOS CSO format seems to outperform the python version, thanks to its higher compression settings. This ensures that users get marginally better compression results.
    A Quick Recap on Repackinator
    For those unfamiliar with Repackinator, here's what it offers:
        Comprehensive Management: Converts OG Xbox ISO redumps into fully functional ISO, CCI or CSO images.
        Advanced Compression: Replaces padding for enhanced compression, and trims unused space for reduced size ISO images.
        Playability: Introduces the .CCI (Cerbios Compressed Image) compression method, developed in partnership with Team Cerbios, ensuring playable compressed ISO images.
        Gold Standard: Cerbios Compressed Images set the standard in Xbox ISO compression, offering minimal file sizes without compromising on playability.
    Repackinator v1.4.0 is a testament to the continuous innovation in the Xbox community. With StellarOS .CSO support now in the mix, Xbox enthusiasts have yet another reason to celebrate. Whether it's for compressing, playing, or managing your library, Repackinator remains the undisputed champion.

    To download please visit https://github.com/Team-Resurgent/Repackinator 

    As we approach November, a nostalgic milestone beckons – the 18th anniversary of the launch of the Xbox 360. A console that defined a generation and ignited the passion of gamers worldwide, the Xbox 360 has left an indelible mark on the gaming landscape. From unforgettable titles like Kameo, Gears of War, and Fable 2, countless players found their gateway to the gaming realm and forged global connections with friends. The journey has been remarkable, but change is on the horizon.
    Looking forward to 2024, we have some important news to share regarding the Xbox 360 experience:
    Changes Taking Effect on July 29, 2024
    On July 29, 2024, a pivotal transformation will unfold in the Xbox 360 ecosystem. Xbox is set to discontinue support for the acquisition of new games, downloadable content (DLC), and other forms of entertainment from the Xbox 360 Store, both on the console itself and through the Xbox 360 Marketplace (marketplace.xbox.com).
    Simultaneously, an interconnected component will bid its farewell – the Microsoft Movies & TV app will cease to function on the Xbox 360. Consequently, after July 29th, 2024, movie and television content will no longer be viewable on your Xbox 360 through the app.
    Continuity Leading to July 2024
    The window leading up to July 2024 remains open for enthusiasts to continue purchasing games and DLC from the Xbox 360 Store and the Xbox 360 Marketplace, preserving the existing flow of gaming experiences.
    Your Gaming Legacy Remains Intact
    It's essential to note that this shift will not impact your ability to engage with the Xbox 360 games and DLC you've already purchased. Previously acquired Xbox 360 game content will persist, accessible not only on the Xbox 360 console but also across the spectrum of Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S devices through backward compatibility.
    The gaming landscape has evolved significantly since the Xbox 360's inception in 2005. Technological progress, shifting player expectations – all have driven us to focus on optimizing the Xbox Series X|S as the definitive present and future gaming platform.
    Yet, even amid transformation, one steadfast commitment endures: safeguarding your ability to enjoy content already procured on your favored device. Thus, the support for Xbox 360 gameplay remains unwavering into the foreseeable future. The avenue to play, re-download, and connect with friends through previously purchased content remains undisturbed.
    Addressing Your Questions
    To anticipate your queries:
    Can I Still Play My Xbox 360 Games After July 2024? Absolutely, the games you've purchased on Xbox 360 will remain playable. Both digitally acquired games and those on physical discs will continue to be accessible. In cases where you've deleted a purchased game but yearn to relive it, the ability to re-download endures.
    Multiplayer Gaming via Xbox Network? Yes, post-July 2024, multiplayer gaming and friend connections persist in games where publishers uphold online server support. Game saves can still find a home in the cloud, and migrating them to Xbox One or Xbox Series X|S will retain the integrity of your progress.
    Buying and Playing Backward-Compatible Titles? The purchase and play of backward-compatible Xbox 360 titles stand unaffected. Beyond July 29, 2024, the option to buy an array of phenomenal backward-compatible Xbox 360 and Original Xbox games and DLC on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Xbox.com remains open.
    Enhancing the Experience on Xbox Series X|S: For those continuing the Xbox 360 journey on Xbox Series X|S, we've taken strides to elevate the gaming experience. Titles have been fine-tuned for enhanced visuals, boosted frames per second (FPS), Auto HDR, and swifter load times.
    Streaming and Downloading Microsoft Movies & TV Content: The Microsoft Movies & TV app thrives on Windows 10 and later, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S. Your library's Xbox 360 Store-acquired content will persist on these devices. Additionally, content compatible with Movies Anywhere will always be accessible via the Movies Anywhere app or site.
    For those seeking more in-depth information, our support page (https://support.xbox.com/help/xbox-360/store/xbox-360-marketplace-update) is poised to assist.
    As we stand on the precipice of change, we salute the unparalleled legacy of the Xbox 360 and the communities it fostered. Your journey continues, replete with the cherished memories and the prospect of newer horizons

    Huge shout out to Nemesis who gave us the chance to test his new fan mod for the original xbox. The mod will be released soon. Keep an eye out in his store XeniumMods!
    Note: This is still in beta. There may be adjustments in the final product.
    Some weeks ago I received the package from Nemesis with the dual fan-mod. After I ordered the correct fans I started to build it into one of my spare xbox consoles. The console is a v1.0 with cerbios flashed to the tsop. The only extra mod I did was replacing the GPU heatsink with the 12v mini fan with a heatsink with one of a later model. 
    Parts I used for this mod:
    Noctua NF-A6x25 FLX, 60mm 2x Noctua NF-A8 FLX, 80mm 3pin fan splitter (I used another model) Step 1 Replacing the stock fan:
    I decided to replace the stock fan with a 60mm noctua fan. First remove the old fan from the case.

    You need to place the noctua fan in the bracket (mind the direction of the fan, the fan must blow air out of the case)

    If you install the fan in the bracket you can add the mounting tabs to the bracket like this:

    Then put it in place where the original fan was:

    To power the fan I choose to use the 3pin header where the old 12v gpu fan was powered. In later revisions (v1.1-v1.4) there is no fan header there but the holes are there. With the later models you can solder the fan header there (included in the kit). Keep in mind if you use this fan header the fan spins at 100%.
    For v1.6 boards there is no way to solder in an extra header, for this console you need to use another way to power the fan)
    You can power all the noctua fans from the one 3pin header if you want. The stock fan is rated at 3.2w. The 60mm noctua fan is rated at 1.44w and the 80mm at 0.84 each, so this would be a total of 3.12w for the 3 fans. 

    There are 2 tabs in the kit to close the holes from the stock fan on the underside of the xbox:

    Step 2 Install the fan shroud:
    To install the fan shroud remove these 3 screws from the motherboard:

    Then put the shroud in place and put the screws back in place:

    Step 3 Installing the dvd remove kit pcb:
    NOTE: If you use a modern bios like CerBIOS you can skip this step because CerBIOS has an option to completely remove the dvd software by setting "DriveSetup = 2" in the cerbios.ini on your c drive.
    If you use an older scene bios like ind-bios, x2, x3, evox m8 or project stellar you need to trick the xbox that there is a dvd present. Otherwise you will get stuttering in the dashboard when you go to the file explorer.

    I just did stick the pcb on the back of the console with double sided tape.

    Step 4 Install the dvd remove front bezel holder:
    Remove the front bezel of your dvd drive and put it on this part of the kit:

    And screw it in place with the 2 screws where the dvd drive originally was screwed in.

    I also routed my molex power for the hdd drive like this.
    Step 5 Install the 80mm fans:
    Place your fans like this so they blow to the motherboard. Here I used a 3pin splitter cable (with this version I can attach 4 fans to one fan header). Also install the 2 cylinder spacers to support he bracket.

    Screw the fans tight with 2x4 screws and use one of the 2 top peaces to do this (1 black and 1 blue)

    Step 6 Install the hdd drive in the caddy:
    Remove the dvd drive from it's caddy and install the 3d printed hdd holder:

    Then install the hdd drive in it and screw the hdd from the bottom:

    Step 7 Start to assemble back the xbox:
    First you need to install the HDD back in the xbox, but before you do this connect the 2 80mm fans to the 3pin header on the motherboard.

    Some test results:
    The fanspeed setting I used: 
    in bios 100% in dash 20% xbox output fan is always at 100% (60mm) The noctua 60mm fan is even at 100% reasonable quiet, not really loader than the stock fan at default speed.
    In dash at 20% for the 80mm fans they do not come over the sound of the output fan
    when in game at 100% you hear them if you turn the sound down but its not an distracting sound. 
    These are all noctua fans, these are known to be silent, other fans can give different results, maybe yours cool better but have more sound, ect
    The temps I had where:
    after playing colin mcrae rally 2005 cpu:39 mb:36 after playing pro race driver cpu:35 mb:37  
    XeniumMods Store

    Electron Shepherd, is excited to announce a limited-time 7-day discount offer on their latest innovation - the Xbox2HDMI V3 module. This incredible device revolutionizes the gaming experience for Xbox enthusiasts by seamlessly transforming the original Xbox's Component video and audio output into an immersive HDMI signal with embedded Dolby Digital Surround Sound.
    With the release of the Xbox2HDMI V3, Electron Shepherd has addressed a significant enhancement - the Digital Surround Sound audio input. This enhancement ensures compatibility with every revision of the Xbox, guaranteeing an exceptional auditory journey for gamers.
    Powered by a custom-designed PCB featuring a state-of-the-art next-generation IC, the Xbox2HDMI V3 takes a leap beyond standard solutions like the Wii2HDMI and VGA2HDMI modules. This technological advancement guarantees a higher quality gaming experience that even the most discerning gamers will appreciate.
    This compact yet powerful module supports an array of resolutions, including the default 480i/p, 720p, and 1080i resolutions of the original Xbox. Additionally, the Xbox2HDMI V3 is designed to efficiently support other resolutions, such as 480i/p, 576i/p, 720p25/30/50/60, 1080i50/60, and 1080p24/25/30/50/60, offering a range of possibilities for gamers seeking unparalleled visual quality.
    For those seeking to elevate their gaming setup and unlock the true potential of their original Xbox console, the Xbox2HDMI V3 from Electron Shepherd is the ultimate choice. This limited-time 7-day discount offer provides an exclusive opportunity to experience cutting-edge gaming technology at an unbeatable price.
    Don't miss out on this chance to upgrade your gaming setup. 

    Visit https://electron-shepherd.com/products/xbox2hdmi?sca_ref=4179576.1lo5Iee1hi  and use Discount Code XBOXSCENE during checkout to receive your 10% discount off the price.

    For more giveaways and amazing offers join our Amazing discord community https://discord.gg/VcdSfajQGK

    In a recent release, Team Cerbios has introduced an update to their innovative Bootanim XMV Player 1.1. XMV Player 1.1 is a unique video player designed to activate during console boot-up, allowing users to personalize their boot animation with their preferred video.
    **What's New in V1.1?**
    1. **Configuration Support**: The new version now offers enhanced configurability, enabling a more tailored user experience.
    2. **Calibration Feature**: Users can now choose to enable or disable the blue screen, adding to the customization options.
    3. **Jukebox Feature**: Keeping things fresh, the jukebox feature will randomly pick any XMV from the designated jukebox folder for a varied boot animation experience.
    4. **Improved Error Handling**: BootAnim V1.1 provides error messages for common issues, ensuring a smoother user experience.
    5. **Updated Default Video**: The default "bootanim.xmv" video has been replaced, giving users a refreshed default option.
    Team Cerbios continues to impress with its dedication to enhancing the console boot experience. The latest version, V1.1, is a testament to their commitment to user customization and functionality. Stay tuned for more updates from this dynamic team!

    Original News Source : https://xbins.org/nfo.php?file=xboxnfo2478.nfo

    In a recent detailed analysis, Markus Gaasedelen has ventured into the intricacies of the original Microsoft Xbox. By leveraging the Intel CPU's JTAG (Joint Test Action Group) capabilities, he successfully dumped the console's secret bootrom.
    This revelation offers a unique look into the architectural decisions behind Microsoft's Xbox platform. Discoveries like this enhance our understanding of legacy hardware and open doors for hobbyists and retro gaming enthusiasts.
    For those keen on the nitty-gritty, Gaasedelen's documentation elucidates the nuances of the JTAG interface and its role in accessing the bootrom. It stands as a testament to the depth of hardware security research and highlights potential vulnerabilities in past devices.
    For detailed explanation on  this discovery please check out the following link! https://blog.ret2.io/2023/08/09/jtag-hacking-the-original-xbox-2023/

    Team Resurgent has unveiled its work-in-progress/proof-of-concept modchip, The LPC Mangler. This emerging creation, still in its developmental stages, currently supports up to 4MB of flash storage and offers Serial output capabilities.
    The original Xbox, even with the passage of time, retains a fervent and dedicated fanbase. Projects like the LPC Mangler underline the community's ceaseless passion, as enthusiasts consistently push boundaries to rejuvenate timeless hardware.
    Alongside The LPC Mangler, the team has also rolled out LPC Recovery Tool. This utility allows enthusiasts to harness the power of a Teensy 4.0 to flash an SST49LF040 LPC BIOS chip.
    Both releases highlight the ongoing innovation within the original Xbox community. We're eager to see the community rally around these projects, lending their expertise to further refine and enhance them. With such collaborative spirit, the potential for groundbreaking modding capabilities becomes boundless, propelling the Xbox experience into new realms.
    While the original Xbox is considered vintage, its legacy, bolstered by such innovations, is evidently enduring.

    The Projects can be found here.

    Dive into the realm of nostalgic gaming with a twist of modern tech innovation through PixelFX's Retro GEM. This upscaling PCB solution is designed to elevate the gaming experience on your beloved retro consoles to new heights.
    What makes Retro GEM stand out is its provision of digital, lag-free HDMI output, coupled with the simplicity of firmware updates via WiFi. It's a unique blend of the charm of retro gaming and the convenience of modern technology. But the real game-changer is the advanced scaling and video filters available in the Shiny Edition, which promise to significantly enhance your visual experience.
    Currently, Retro GEM supports a selection of timeless classics including the Nintendo 64, Sony Playstation, Sony Playstation 2, and Sega Dreamcast. But that's not all!, PixelFX has exciting news for Xbox and Wii enthusiasts - support for these platforms is currently in development ensuring Retro GEM continues to evolve with your gaming needs. This makes Retro GEM an investment in the future of your gaming, with the promise of expanded compatibility to come.
    However, integrating Retro GEM into your console requires advanced soldering skills, given it's not a plug-and-play solution. But don't let that deter you. PixelFX provides well documented install guides and instructions enabling users of all levels to enjoy the benefits of Retro GEM.
    The good news is the Retro GEM's basic edition can be upgraded to the Shiny Edition at any time, even after installing it into a console. License upgrades can be easily purchased, ensuring you can always tap into the full potential of this revolutionary device.
    The Retro GEM is not just a device; it's a bridge between the past and the future of gaming. Whether you're revisiting your childhood favorites or discovering classic games for the first time, With Retro GEM, PixelFX is taking retro gaming to new heights, providing a cutting-edge solution that enhances the visual experience while retaining the nostalgia of yesteryear's gaming gems. If you're a fan of classic gaming, this is an innovation you won't want to miss.

    Get ready to embrace the ultimate HDMI kit for retro gaming!
    For more information make sure you check out PizelFX's Twitter or website where they have also shared some footage of game play from some various consoles.


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