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    eChorza is working on a new way to optimize your gaming experience, especially for those utilizing the Xecuter3 Control Panel (X3CP). This development aims to bridge the gap between the X3CP's front USB ports and an internal OGX360 board.
    The OGX360, for those uninitiated, is a modern microcontroller-based device that allows the use of Xbox 360 wireless or wired controllers on an Original Xbox console. Pairing this with the X3CP, which has often underutilized front USB ports, could open up a new realm of possibilities.
    The proposition is simple - harness the front USB ports on the X3CP to function as controller ports for OGX360. This would potentially enable gamers to use the easily accessible front USB ports on the X3CP with their Xbox 360 wireless adapter or even a wired controller.
    A slight limitation is that you can only use one USB port at a time. By default, port "A" would be active, which is where your 360 wireless adapter could be connected. But, when a device is connected to port "B", it gets activated. This could be a compatible wired controller or wireless dongle.
    While this development is still in its early stages, testing is underway to ensure this integration works seamlessly. This could indeed be a enhancement for X3CP Owners, as it offers the potential to better utilize the X3CP's USB ports and, in turn, improve the overall user experience.
    As of now, stay tuned for updates on eChorza Twitter and look forward to a future where your X3CP's front USB ports gain newfound relevance!

    ModzvilleUSA has rolled out a new YouTube video that delves into the world of Cerbios, a powerful custom BIOS designed for the Original Xbox.
    In the video, ModzvilleUSA demonstrates how to set up Cerbios on your Xbox, paving the way for a plethora of customization options and enhancements. But the real star of the show is the Cerbios Compressed Image (CCI) format. This unique feature of Cerbios is a game-changer, allowing compressed game files for more efficient storage and compatibility with services such as insignia etc.
    The video also highlights the use of FatXplorer, a robust utility for managing Xbox hard drives, making the Cerbios integration process a breeze.
    And for those wondering how to prepare their redumps for this new format, Repackinator comes to the rescue. This utility, paired with Cerbios and the CCI format, guarantees an optimized gaming experience on your Original Xbox.
    While this brief overview captures the key points, nothing beats the comprehensive step-by-step guide provided by ModzvilleUSA. Whether you're a seasoned Xbox veteran or just starting, the video is a must-watch for anyone aiming to unlock the true potential of their Original Xbox.
    Remember, always take precautions when modifying system software, and make sure to back up any critical data before proceeding. Head on over to the ModzvilleUSA YouTube channel for detailed instructions. Happy gaming!

    Calling all Xbox 360 enthusiasts! We are thrilled to announce the launch of the Xbox 360 Forums at Xbox-Scene! 📣
    The stage is set, the forums are live, and we are eagerly awaiting your valuable contributions to make this community flourish. Whether you're a seasoned gamer, a hardware guru, or a software whiz, this is the place to be!
    🎮 Xbox 360 Games Forums 🎮 Discuss game hacking, DLC addons, archiving, and share your gaming experiences with fellow players.
    📣 Xbox 360 General Forums 📣 Engage in general discussions, find member-submitted tutorials, and dive into technical topics.
    💡 Xbox 360 Hardware Forums 💡 Join discussions on repairs, technical chats, and hardware modding to unleash your Xbox 360's potential.
    🔧 Xbox 360 Hacks, Hardware & Exploits 🔧 For tech-savvy gamers, share your knowledge on hacking, modchips, software exploits, and hardware tweaks.
    🌐 Xbox 360 Online Gaming 🌐 Connect with players for Xbox Live and XLink Kai Stealth Servers, and explore the exciting world of online gaming.
    💻 Xbox 360 Software Forums 💻 Discover software development, emulators, homebrew, ported games, and more for your Xbox 360.
    Be the trailblazers! As we await your contributions, let's build an exceptional community together. Share your insights, questions, and expertise. Together, we'll create an unparalleled resource for all Xbox 360 enthusiasts.
    Don't wait; be the first to initiate discussions and let the gaming journey begin! See you at the Xbox 360 Forums on Xbox-Scene.🎉

    Rocky5, the dedicated developer behind XBMC-Emustation, has recently unveiled a new test build, version 1.4.007, featuring several important fixes and enhancements. This update addresses various issues reported by the community, promising a more streamlined and improved user experience. Let's take a closer look at the key fixes included in this update:
    1) FTP 4GB File Transfer Issue Resolved:
    One of the prominent issues resolved in this test build is the FTP file transfer problem with 4GB files. Thanks to the collaborative efforts of Team Resurgent and EqUiNoX, users can now transfer large files seamlessly without encountering any hindrances.
    2) Fix for Returning to ROM List:
    A significant bug related to returning to the ROM list has been fixed in this update. Users will now be taken back to the ROM list when exiting a game/rom, enhancing the overall usability of XBMC-Emustation.
    3) Homebrew and Ports Menus Issues Rectified:
    Rocky5 has diligently worked on fixing all the issues associated with the Homebrew and Ports menus. Users can now access the XBE edit mode.
    4) Comprehensive Scanning of Xbox Games:
    An issue related to game scanning has been addressed in this update. Previously, XBMC-Emustation was unable to scan all Xbox games. However, with the introduction of version 1.4.007, the scanning process has been improved, ensuring that all games are properly detected and displayed within the application.
    5) Streamlined Backend Enhancements:
    Additionally, this update includes back-end changes aimed at streamlining the XBMC-Emustation application. These changes optimize the performance and functionality of the software, leading to a more efficient user experience.
    Users eager to try out the latest improvements can download the test build from within XBMC-Emustation Downloader. It is important to note that test builds may still contain undiscovered bugs, so users are encouraged to provide feedback and report any issues encountered during testing.



    Dear Xbox-Scene Community,
    We are thrilled to announce the official launch of our brand new website and forums, Xbox-Scene.info! 🚀 After months of hard work and dedication, we're excited to provide you with an enhanced platform to connect, engage, and collaborate with fellow Xbox enthusiasts across all generations of consoles.
    🌐 Explore the Ultimate Xbox Hub:
    Welcome to your new home for all things Xbox! Xbox-Scene is your centralized hub where you'll find the latest news, preservation efforts, discussions, collaborations, downloads, and much more. Our redesigned website is your ultimate resource for all Xbox-related content, ensuring that you stay up to date with the ever-evolving Xbox community. We are committed to uniting the Xbox community across all consoles that have shaped the gaming landscape.
    💬 Join the Vibrant Xbox Community:
    Introducing our lively forums, the heart of Xbox-Scene! This is the place where the Xbox community unites. Whether you're passionate about the original Xbox, Xbox 360, Xbox One, or eagerly awaiting the latest Xbox Series X|S releases, our forums offer a welcoming space for meaningful discussions, sharing ideas, seeking advice, and collaborating on exciting projects. We have dedicated sections for the original Xbox at the forum launch, with plans to expand and open new sections for other Xbox generations in the near future.

    But that's not all. We understand the importance of preserving valuable conversations and discussions, especially in the ever-changing digital landscape. Therefore, alongside our vibrant Discord server, we highly encourage all community members to utilize our forums for conversations and discussions. By using the forums, you ensure that your valuable interactions will be preserved, even in the unlikely event of any changes or potential shutdowns affecting our Discord community. The forums provide a long-lasting platform for collaboration and engagement, allowing you to revisit past conversations, share knowledge, and build upon the collective wisdom of the Xbox-Scene community.
    Here's what makes Xbox-Scene truly special:
    1️⃣ Stay Informed:
    Get the Latest Xbox News: Stay informed with the latest Xbox news, exclusive articles, and insightful editorials. We're currently seeking passionate individuals to join our team as news writers, helping us deliver timely and engaging content to the community.
    2️⃣ Embrace Nostalgia: Preserve and Enjoy Retro Gaming:
    Delve into the preservation of classic Xbox homebrew games, mods, emulators, and more. At Xbox-Scene, we believe in preserving the rich history of Xbox gaming. Our members will have the ability to submit their own contributions for preservation, unlocking additional content and fostering a sense of collective achievement.
    3️⃣ Collaborate and Connect: Join the Xbox Community:
    Build connections with like-minded individuals, modders, developers, and content creators. We're actively looking for enthusiastic individuals to join our moderation team and help foster a safe and inclusive environment for all members. If you have a passion for Xbox and want to contribute to the community's growth, we encourage you to reach out and get involved!
    Ready to join the Xbox-Scene community? Here's what you need to do:
    1️⃣ Visit our new website at https://www.xbox-scene.info and create your account. It only takes a few moments to sign up and gain access to a world of Xbox content, You can also conveniently register or log in using our Discord integration for a seamless experience.
    2️⃣ Once you've created your account, dive into the forums, introduce yourself, and start engaging with fellow Xbox enthusiasts. Share your insights, ask questions, and be a part of the thriving Xbox community.
    3️⃣ Don't forget to bookmark Xbox-Scene and keep an eye out for regular updates, exciting events, and exclusive downloads. We have a lot in store for you, including the upcoming expansion of sections to cover other Xbox generations.
    A big shoutout to our incredible team for their hard work in making our site a reality. We're committed to providing you with an exceptional Xbox experience and bringing the community together across all generations of consoles. We would like to thank and shoutout the following amazing communities Console Mods , Emuxtras , Original Xbox Scene forums , XboxDevWiki and many more that have made the content of this site possible.
    Thank you all for your unwavering support. Let's embark on this thrilling Xbox journey together!
    See you on Xbox-Scene.info!
    Best regards,
    Xbox-Scene Team

    We are delighted to invite you to our dynamic community, Xbox-Scene, an extension of our thriving Discord server. Whether you're an avid homebrew enthusiast, a software aficionado, or a curious mind seeking innovative Xbox applications or hardware, you've found your virtual home.
    Xbox-Scene is purposefully designed to be the central location for all your homebrew needs. Our dedicated community members share a passion for pushing the boundaries of what's possible on Xbox consoles. Here, you'll discover an abundance of resources, engaging discussions, cutting-edge research, and an array of homebrew applications that showcase the creativity and ingenuity of our community.
    We will also focus on preserving and celebrating the world of Xbox homebrew and hardware development. We understand the importance of safeguarding these innovative creations, ensuring they can be enjoyed by enthusiasts for years to come. From homebrew games and utilities to custom software and modifications, Xbox-Scene is the place to explore, discuss, and contribute to this exciting realm of Xbox ingenuity.
    As an extension of our vibrant Discord server, Xbox-Scene offers a seamless transition from real-time conversations to a centralized hub of knowledge. Dive into our forums, where you'll find a treasure trove of tutorials, guides, and insightful discussions to assist you in your Xbox endeavors. Our community of experienced developers, passionate hobbyists, and curious learners are always ready to lend a helping hand, share their expertise, and collaborate on exciting projects.
    At Xbox-Scene, we believe that fostering meaningful connections is just as important as the technical aspects of homebrew. Engage with like-minded individuals, forge new friendships, and participate in lively conversations that revolve around the Xbox homebrew community. Our collective expertise and diverse backgrounds ensure that you'll find a wealth of knowledge and inspiration right at your fingertips.
    So, whether you're seeking the latest homebrew releases, looking to contribute to ongoing projects, or simply want to engage in thought-provoking discussions, Xbox-Scene welcomes you with open arms. Join our ever-expanding community today, and together, let's embark on a journey of innovation and discovery in the world of Xbox homebrew.
    See you in the realms of creativity,
    The Xbox-Scene Team

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