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    DarkDestiny has released his new OGXBox Cerbios Boot Disc witch add support for the latest Cerbios alpha release with HD+ support.
    You can find links to the download in his release thread on the forums:
    This is disc started as a simple flasher made to make it easy as possible to flash the Cerbios.
    Now it's a fully grown installer which is up to date by this day.
    It not only provides every public available Cerbios bios in different flavors, it now provides
    you evey needed dash, app you name it.
    You have the option to launch this disc in 4 different modes:
    DHCP + Boot From Media Cerbios (BFM) bios.
    DHCP with your own bios which you have on the modchip/tsop.
    Static IP + Boot From Media Cerbios (BFM) bios.
    Static IP with your own bios which you have on the modchip/tsop.
    You also have the option to use XBlastOS, EvoX, GentooX or ResctooX to flash your modchip/tsop
    in any mode!

    This flasher also offers a simple option to go from a softmod to a TSOP flash for NTSC & PAL users.
    And it offers even more like the latest Team-Resurgent apps on it up to date to this posting.
    As well as apps from the XBox Preservation Project, Cerbios Intro Maker, CISO, Custom Cerbios Splash, Ram DeLimit & XBMC4Gamers / Emustation Artwork Stuff.
    UnleashX in a special version only available on this installer, Rocky5's latest XBMC4Gamers dash with additional skins and XBMC-Emustation build.
    There is also the option install/reinstall more apps (if needed). 
    And like you may know from the OGXBox-Installer this disc here provides every repair option you can think of. 

    The Cerbios team has just announced a new Release: version V2.3.2 HD Alpha This release marks a significant step forward, especially for those interested in the HD+ hardware mod.
    Key Features and Developments:
    Initial Support for HD+ Hardware Mod: This version adds support for the HD+ mod.
    Release of the ElpisHD App: Accompanying this BIOS update is the ElpisHD app. This tool is essential for controlling the HD+ features integrated into Cerbios. Users should place the ElpisHD folder in the root of their C:\ drive for default location and run Default.Xbe to configure settings.
    However, it's important to note that this release is still in its alpha stage. The team emphasizes that this build is a public alpha test version and not intended for regular, daily use. As with any alpha release, users should be prepared for potential bugs, some of which may have been overlooked or inadvertently introduced during the integration of the HD+ mod support.
    Community Collaboration and Testing Phase:
    The Cerbios team is calling on the community for collaboration in this crucial phase. User participation in testing and providing feedback is vital to progress to an official beta release. This collaborative effort is essential to ensure the stability and functionality of the final product.
    Important Notes:
    The ElpisHD app is necessary for changing settings on the HD+ and works exclusively with Cerbios. The source code will be released once testing is complete, and an official beta version with HD support is announced. Get Involved:
    The Cerbios team encourages all users to contribute to their testing efforts. Report your test results, bugs, or any other feedback in their Discord room. Your input is invaluable and greatly appreciated by the entire Original Xbox community.
    Stay tuned for more updates as we move closer to the beta release and further enhancements to this free bios.


    Xenium OS Memory Dump

    By Xbox-Scene, in News,

    "Xenium OS Memory Dump" is a comprehensive dump of the Xbox memory captured while Xenium OS is actively running. This 25MB dump (which can be optimized for size) offers an unencrypted and uncompressed view into the Xenium OS, opening avenues for exploration and modification.
    Project Purpose
    The primary aim of this project is to enable enthusiasts and developers in the Xbox scene to delve into Xenium OS. By providing an unencrypted/uncompressed memory dump, we facilitate a deeper understanding of the OS's workings, allowing for unpacking, modifications, and potential patches.

    More info can be found on Github



    Team Cerbios and Team Resurgent are excited to introduce the Official Trailer for PrometheOS, a new open-source operating system designed for all Xenium-based mod chips in the original Xbox.
    **Key current Features of PrometheOS:**
    - **Multi-Bank Functions:** Effortlessly switch between different bios images.
    - **LED Support:** Assign custom colors to each bios bank for enhanced visual feedback.
    - **Web UI:** Access a user-friendly interface from any web-enabled device for simplified bios management.
    - **FTP Support:** Facilitate easy file transfers between the Xbox and other devices.
    - **Skin Support:** Customize the OS interface to reflect your personal style.
    - **HDD Lock/Unlock Support:** Gain the ability to lock or unlock the hard drive, tethering it to a specific console.
    - **EEPROM Backup/Restore Feature:** Ability to backup and restore your EEPROM.
    **A Community-Driven Initiative:**
    PrometheOS is a collaborative achievement between Team Resurgent, Team Cerbios, and the dedicated Xbox modding community.
    PrometheOS will be available for download, ensuring compatibility with all versions of the original Xbox equipped with a Xenium-based mod chip.
    **For Those Interested in Getting Started:**
    If you're eager to try out PrometheOS and are in need of an affordable chip or external programmer, you can purchase a Xenium-ICE v3.0 & Programmer directly from NeMesiS/XeniumMods. Visit their eBay store at
    https://www.ebay.com.au/str/xeniummods for more information.

    **Special Thanks:**
    Our gratitude goes to NeMesiS / XeniumMods for providing prototype Xeniums, programming hardware, and essential feedback and testing which helped greatly in making PrometheOS a reality.
    A shoutout to Ryzee119 for the invaluable Xenium-Tools, facilitating the flashing of the new OS via your xbox. (https://github.com/Ryzee119/Xenium-Tools) and the work towards making the original OpenXenium.
    Stay tuned for ETA & more updates on this exciting development by the Xbox scene community!
    Please watch the official trailer and show some ❤️ to all those who contributed and worked towards making this a reality.

    In the world of OG XBOX hardware, practicality and user convenience often take center stage. The latest development catering to this need is the S.E.M, a straightforward and efficient solution for Stellar HD+ owners. This kit eliminates the need for the Stellar modchip, offering a simpler way to enjoy the freedom of using other bioses or modchips in your console without been locked into 1 eco-system.
    **Technical Breakdown**
    Central to the S.E.M Kit is the use of the STM32F030C8T6 microcontroller. When combined with a set of eight wires, this kit allows Stellar HD+ users to bypass the need for the Stellar modchip. This modification enables compatibility with a variety of modchips or TSOPs, along with support for various BIOS.

    **Ease of Use: A Core Feature of the Upcoming S.E.M Kit**
    The S.E.M Kit's main attraction lies in its simplicity and user-friendliness. The developers have already developed a module that is currently in its final testing phase. This module is designed to offer a plug-and-play solution, significantly simplifying the modification process for the Stellar HD+.
    This streamlined approach is especially advantageous for individuals who are not extensively experienced in console modding. By providing an easy-to-use module, the kit makes the upgrade process accessible and straightforward for the average user, removing the intimidation factor often associated with such modifications.

    **Practical Implications**
    The primary goal of the S.E.M Kit is to provide a straightforward solution for Stellar HD+ owners. By removing the requirement for the Stellar modchip, this kit opens up new possibilities for users to utilize their consoles with greater flexibility and minimal hassle.
    **Looking Ahead**
    As the S.E.M Kit nears its release, it stands as a practical solution in the XBOX hardware space. It’s a step towards making console modifications more accessible and less intimidating, allowing more enthusiasts to explore the potential of their Stellar HD+ consoles without limitations.

    Homebrew Option.


    Upcoming Module Option

    **Adhering to Intellectual Property Laws: The Ethical Approach of the S.E.M Kit**
    A crucial aspect of the S.E.M Kit is its strict adherence to intellectual property laws and respect for existing trademarks. It is important to recognize that "Stellar HD+" and "Stellar" are registered trademarks owned by MakeMHz. The development and deployment of the S.E.M Kit are conducted with full acknowledgment and respect for these trademarks.
    In addition, the S.E.M is a hardware-only solution, leveraging development boards that are already available on the market. This approach entails solely physical modifications to the Stellar HD+ console and does not infringe upon any copyright or intellectual property laws. Importantly, the kit is provided free of any software components that could potentially violate any existing copyright protections.

    **Additional info can be found below**

    Nemesis has shown his new mod chip to the world. He made a post about the new chip on the OGXbox forums. 
    All new XeniumICE modchip design inspired by the original Xenium GOLD.
    The chip is easy to program with the edge connector in combination with a purpose built XeniumPGR. Extra connectors to support further addons RGB Leds LCD display Small and compact multilayer PCB design, only a little larger than an Aladdin modchip. Nemesis made a programmer to easy program the chip

    The modchips in the above image are the prototypes, final design will have
    gold immersion (ENIG) finish and are currently in production.

    You can see that the XeniumICE modchip is only slightly larger than an Aladdin.
    Edge of the modchip lines up nicely with the edge of the motherboard.
    The programmer in action:
    source: OGXbox.com

    For the tech-savvy Xbox enthusiasts looking to push their original consoles to new limits, the recently published Gerber files and BOM (Bill of Materials) for an Xbox CPU interposer come as exciting news. Developed to enable CPU upgrades on original Xbox consoles, these interposer boards act as a critical interface between the new CPU and the motherboard.
    The interposer board is a nod to the legacy of the early-mid 2000s when the Xbox homebrew scene was at its peak. Modders were faced with some kind of CPU bottleneck with the on-board 733 MHz Coppermine-based processor. The Friendtech team intervened and offered a CPU upgrade, opting for the top-of-the-line PIII 1.4 GHz Tualatin model. The latter significantly improved the performance of both emulators and homebrew software/games, two of the console’s flagships, as well as higher-resolution video playback (i.e 720p).

    Since then, enthusiasts like Kekule from Chimeric Systems have been diligently working to reverse engineer these intricate boards. With the original CPU upgrades becoming scarce as Friendtech Dream-x consoles were only briefly sold in the early-mid 2000s, efforts to reproduce these boards and perform these mods have gained momentum.
    Kekule, currently recovering from an injury, promises to add more documentation to the project, which stands as an open-source beacon under the GPL license for the time being. This release could pave the way for a resurgence in Xbox modding, allowing power users to enhance performance significantly.
    Stay tuned for more updates, and if you're ready to take on the challenge, the files are now available on github.


    Check out Kekule‘s Ko-fi page here: https://ko-fi.com/chimericsystems


    Getting Admin:
    Download Artifice. Extract it and copy only the publish directory to the desktop (~/desktop/publish/artifice.exe); otherwise, it will fail during run. Run artifice.exe. Press start, type IP address, then wait. Once complete, restart the console and SSH into it with PuTTY or the SSH command (e.g., ssh -l admin). Username: admin Password: admin You now have systemOs admin access. To further elevate to a shell that can give you firmware/flash access, continue below.
    Getting Elevated Telnet: Referencing: Xbox Research Wiki - DevMode Priv Escalation

    1. From the admin shell you ssh'd into earlier run:

    2. Wait 10 seconds then run the following to revert the registry:
    3. Now telnet to the console IP on port 23 (e.g., telnet 23).
    This shell has higher privileges in systemOs and can access the flash.
    Common Tools: Referencing: Xbox Research Wiki - Installing Compatible Software Deploy the following tools to the console:
    Python 3.7: Python 3.7.3 PowerShell: PowerShell 6.2.0 .NET Core 7 Runtime: .NET 7 Runtime Sysinternals .NET 5 .NET 6 Java Development Kit Download the desired tools and SFTP them to D:/DevelopmentFiles/.
    If using FileZilla, switch to the D drive by typing /D: in the directory bar. Create the directories you want and copy the apps into their own directories.

    Dumping Flash: Use QuantumTunnel: QuantumTunnel GitHub You'll need to build it using .NET 7.
    Download .NET 7 installer from here.
    Also, download and extract the source code for QuantumTunnel.
    Once installed, navigate to the Quantum Tunnel folder and run dotnet build.
    Navigate to the build directory: QuantumTunnel-main\bin\Debug\net7.0\.
    SFTP all files in this build directory to the Xbox at D:/DevelopmentFiles/QuantumTunnel/.
    From the elevated telnet shell, navigate to the .NET directory:

    7. To dump a single file from flash such as certkeys.bin, run:

    8. To dump the entire flash to a bin file, run:

    9. Use your SFTP client like FileZilla to navigate to the .NET directory and retrieve the files you dumped.

    Links and special mentions:
    Xbox Research Wiki: Xbox Research Wiki
    Artifice Dev Mode Escalation: Artifice GitHub

    In a landmark move, Microsoft Gaming has officially integrated Activision Blizzard King into its Xbox ecosystem. Announced by Phil Spencer, CEO of Microsoft Gaming, this merger brings together iconic gaming franchises such as Call of Duty, World of Warcraft, Candy Crush Saga, and more under the Xbox umbrella.
    Throughout the years, Activision Blizzard and King have been behind numerous memorable gaming moments. Spencer recalls experiences like engaging with the "Diablo IV" campaign and family gatherings for "Guitar Hero" nights. With the merger, Spencer expresses his excitement in welcoming the teams that have been responsible for these iconic games.
    The unified goal is clear: Microsoft wants to push the boundaries of gaming, emphasizing inclusion, innovation, and community. They aim to amplify their commitment to "Gaming for Everyone" and are deliberate in their efforts to ensure inclusivity across all aspects of Xbox – from game development to player interactions.
    Fans can anticipate even greater access and integration in the near future. Microsoft is set to bring Activision, Blizzard, and King titles to its Game Pass and is exploring other platforms for the games. In addition, cloud streaming of Activision Blizzard games will soon be available in the European Economic Area, fulfilling a promise made to the European Commission.
    However, this merger isn’t just about expanding Xbox’s repertoire. Spencer assures fans of the incorporated franchises that they remain the centerpiece. Regardless of gaming platform preferences – be it Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo, PC, or mobile – all gamers are welcome in this expanded community. Spencer emphasizes, "When everyone plays, we all win."
    As Microsoft and Activision Blizzard King move into this new chapter, the gaming community awaits with bated breath to see the new horizons they'll explore together. Spencer concludes by expressing gratitude for the unwavering support from fans, teasing that more exciting developments are on the horizon.

    Nemesis did release his Dual 80mm Fan Caddy Conversion Kit.
    This is a custom cooling solution for the original xbox. The mod is plug and play and can be installed without modifying the case of the xbox.
    The "Dual Fan Upgrade Kit" consists of 3 main parts:
    Case Fan Housing HDD Conversion Dual Fan Caddy
    For now, you can only buy this kit by contacting Nemesis here: XeniumMods@gmail.com
    If he has more stock of the kit he will start to sell it in his store: XeniumMods Store
    A install guide can be found here: Manual

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