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  • End of an Era: Xbox 360 Store Changes Coming in 2024


    As we approach November, a nostalgic milestone beckons – the 18th anniversary of the launch of the Xbox 360. A console that defined a generation and ignited the passion of gamers worldwide, the Xbox 360 has left an indelible mark on the gaming landscape. From unforgettable titles like Kameo, Gears of War, and Fable 2, countless players found their gateway to the gaming realm and forged global connections with friends. The journey has been remarkable, but change is on the horizon.

    Looking forward to 2024, we have some important news to share regarding the Xbox 360 experience:

    Changes Taking Effect on July 29, 2024

    On July 29, 2024, a pivotal transformation will unfold in the Xbox 360 ecosystem. Xbox is set to discontinue support for the acquisition of new games, downloadable content (DLC), and other forms of entertainment from the Xbox 360 Store, both on the console itself and through the Xbox 360 Marketplace (marketplace.xbox.com).

    Simultaneously, an interconnected component will bid its farewell – the Microsoft Movies & TV app will cease to function on the Xbox 360. Consequently, after July 29th, 2024, movie and television content will no longer be viewable on your Xbox 360 through the app.

    Continuity Leading to July 2024

    The window leading up to July 2024 remains open for enthusiasts to continue purchasing games and DLC from the Xbox 360 Store and the Xbox 360 Marketplace, preserving the existing flow of gaming experiences.

    Your Gaming Legacy Remains Intact

    It's essential to note that this shift will not impact your ability to engage with the Xbox 360 games and DLC you've already purchased. Previously acquired Xbox 360 game content will persist, accessible not only on the Xbox 360 console but also across the spectrum of Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S devices through backward compatibility.

    The gaming landscape has evolved significantly since the Xbox 360's inception in 2005. Technological progress, shifting player expectations – all have driven us to focus on optimizing the Xbox Series X|S as the definitive present and future gaming platform.

    Yet, even amid transformation, one steadfast commitment endures: safeguarding your ability to enjoy content already procured on your favored device. Thus, the support for Xbox 360 gameplay remains unwavering into the foreseeable future. The avenue to play, re-download, and connect with friends through previously purchased content remains undisturbed.

    Addressing Your Questions

    To anticipate your queries:

    • Can I Still Play My Xbox 360 Games After July 2024? Absolutely, the games you've purchased on Xbox 360 will remain playable. Both digitally acquired games and those on physical discs will continue to be accessible. In cases where you've deleted a purchased game but yearn to relive it, the ability to re-download endures.

    • Multiplayer Gaming via Xbox Network? Yes, post-July 2024, multiplayer gaming and friend connections persist in games where publishers uphold online server support. Game saves can still find a home in the cloud, and migrating them to Xbox One or Xbox Series X|S will retain the integrity of your progress.

    • Buying and Playing Backward-Compatible Titles? The purchase and play of backward-compatible Xbox 360 titles stand unaffected. Beyond July 29, 2024, the option to buy an array of phenomenal backward-compatible Xbox 360 and Original Xbox games and DLC on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Xbox.com remains open.

    • Enhancing the Experience on Xbox Series X|S: For those continuing the Xbox 360 journey on Xbox Series X|S, we've taken strides to elevate the gaming experience. Titles have been fine-tuned for enhanced visuals, boosted frames per second (FPS), Auto HDR, and swifter load times.

    • Streaming and Downloading Microsoft Movies & TV Content: The Microsoft Movies & TV app thrives on Windows 10 and later, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S. Your library's Xbox 360 Store-acquired content will persist on these devices. Additionally, content compatible with Movies Anywhere will always be accessible via the Movies Anywhere app or site.

    For those seeking more in-depth information, our support page (https://support.xbox.com/help/xbox-360/store/xbox-360-marketplace-update) is poised to assist.

    As we stand on the precipice of change, we salute the unparalleled legacy of the Xbox 360 and the communities it fostered. Your journey continues, replete with the cherished memories and the prospect of newer horizons

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