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  • XeniumMods v3.x - XeniumICE Modchip




    Nemesis has shown his new mod chip to the world. He made a post about the new chip on the OGXbox forums. 

    All new XeniumICE modchip design inspired by the original Xenium GOLD.

    • The chip is easy to program with the edge connector in combination with a purpose built XeniumPGR.
    • Extra connectors to support further addons
      • RGB Leds
      • LCD display
    • Small and compact multilayer PCB design, only a little larger than an Aladdin modchip.

    Nemesis made a programmer to easy program the chip


    The modchips in the above image are the prototypes, final design will have
    gold immersion (ENIG) finish and are currently in production.



    You can see that the XeniumICE modchip is only slightly larger than an Aladdin.
    Edge of the modchip lines up nicely with the edge of the motherboard.


    The programmer in action:


    source: OGXbox.com

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