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  • Repackinator v1.4.0: Now with StellarOS .CSO Support!


    In a drive to continue providing the Xbox community with top-notch tools, the latest release of Repackinator, version 1.4.0, is now available. The highlight of this release? StellarOS CSO support!

    What's New in v1.4.0?

    Repackinator is the new go-to tool for the Original Xbox, designed to provide comprehensive ISO management. This new version brings in support for StellarOS's CSO format, amplifying the already impressive suite of features. Notably, the compression with the StellarOS CSO format seems to outperform the python version, thanks to its higher compression settings. This ensures that users get marginally better compression results.

    A Quick Recap on Repackinator

    For those unfamiliar with Repackinator, here's what it offers:

        Comprehensive Management: Converts OG Xbox ISO redumps into fully functional ISO, CCI or CSO images.
        Advanced Compression: Replaces padding for enhanced compression, and trims unused space for reduced size ISO images.
        Playability: Introduces the .CCI (Cerbios Compressed Image) compression method, developed in partnership with Team Cerbios, ensuring playable compressed ISO images.
        Gold Standard: Cerbios Compressed Images set the standard in Xbox ISO compression, offering minimal file sizes without compromising on playability.


    Repackinator v1.4.0 is a testament to the continuous innovation in the Xbox community. With StellarOS .CSO support now in the mix, Xbox enthusiasts have yet another reason to celebrate. Whether it's for compressing, playing, or managing your library, Repackinator remains the undisputed champion.

    To download please visit https://github.com/Team-Resurgent/Repackinator 

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