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  • PrometheOS Config Tool V1.0.0 Released: Configure AV Check & Splash Settings


    This is the tool some people have been asking for a while now, and It is finally here.

    The tool is cross platform and works with PrometheOS 1.2.0 upwards.


    • AV Check On / Off - Allows you to book into PrometheOS without a AV Cable plugged in.
    • Splash Delay - Default delay for PrometheOS is 6 seconds which allows enough time for video to synch on some devices. However you can now change this to shorter or longer to your preference.  
    • Cross Platform - Available for Win / Linux & Mac.

    Introducing the PrometheOS Config Tool:


    Where can i get it?

    Dowload PrometheOS Config Tool

    How To use?

    • Load desired firmware using File menu.
    • Make appropriate changes.
    • Save firmware and upload to Xbox.
    • Use PrometheOS Tools to flash.


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