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  • ENDGAME - A Dashboard Exploit for the Original Xbox


    ENDGAME emerges as a groundbreaking exploit for the original Xbox, compatible with all kernel and dashboard versions. It uniquely requires only a memory card, bypassing the need for a game or a working DVD drive. Special acknowledgment goes to @shutterbug2000 for discovering this exploit vector and to @gaasedelen for refining it, offering unparalleled control without infringing on copyright laws or Xbox security mechanisms.

    The project ensures it does not engage in using copyrighted material or bypassing Xbox's security measures. It specifically initiates a uniquely signed XBE without modifying the console's kernel or permitting unauthorized retail signed xbes. Users should acknowledge the potential risks, including data loss or damage to the console, upon using this software.

    Below are some FAQ regarding ENDGAME.

    Q: Is this a softmod?

    • A: No, by itself, ENDGAME is not a softmod. But it will make softmodding significantly more accessible as the community integrates it into existing softmod solutions.


    Q: What is new about this exploit?

    • A: This exploit will enable people to softmod any revision of the original Xbox without needing a specific game. It will also allow people to easily launch a homebrew XBE (such as the Insignia setup assistant, or content scanning tools) by simply inserting a memory card into an unmodded Xbox.

    Q: I don't have a memory card, can I use something else?

    • A: Yes, any FATX-formatted compatible USB device and controller port dongle should work.


    Q: How does this exploit work?

    • A: The exploit targets an integer overflow in the dashboard's handling of savegame images. When the dash attempts to parse the specially crafted images on the memory card, ENDGAME obtains arbitrary code execution.


    For more details please visit the GitHub repository.

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