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    eChorza is working on a new way to optimize your gaming experience, especially for those utilizing the Xecuter3 Control Panel (X3CP). This development aims to bridge the gap between the X3CP's front USB ports and an internal OGX360 board.

    The OGX360, for those uninitiated, is a modern microcontroller-based device that allows the use of Xbox 360 wireless or wired controllers on an Original Xbox console. Pairing this with the X3CP, which has often underutilized front USB ports, could open up a new realm of possibilities.

    The proposition is simple - harness the front USB ports on the X3CP to function as controller ports for OGX360. This would potentially enable gamers to use the easily accessible front USB ports on the X3CP with their Xbox 360 wireless adapter or even a wired controller.

    A slight limitation is that you can only use one USB port at a time. By default, port "A" would be active, which is where your 360 wireless adapter could be connected. But, when a device is connected to port "B", it gets activated. This could be a compatible wired controller or wireless dongle.

    While this development is still in its early stages, testing is underway to ensure this integration works seamlessly. This could indeed be a enhancement for X3CP Owners, as it offers the potential to better utilize the X3CP's USB ports and, in turn, improve the overall user experience.

    As of now, stay tuned for updates on eChorza Twitter and look forward to a future where your X3CP's front USB ports gain newfound relevance!


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