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  • Team Resurgent Announces 2 New Open Source Projects - The LPC Mangler for the Original Xbox and LPC Recovery Tool


    Team Resurgent has unveiled its work-in-progress/proof-of-concept modchip, The LPC Mangler. This emerging creation, still in its developmental stages, currently supports up to 4MB of flash storage and offers Serial output capabilities.

    The original Xbox, even with the passage of time, retains a fervent and dedicated fanbase. Projects like the LPC Mangler underline the community's ceaseless passion, as enthusiasts consistently push boundaries to rejuvenate timeless hardware.

    Alongside The LPC Mangler, the team has also rolled out LPC Recovery Tool. This utility allows enthusiasts to harness the power of a Teensy 4.0 to flash an SST49LF040 LPC BIOS chip.

    Both releases highlight the ongoing innovation within the original Xbox community. We're eager to see the community rally around these projects, lending their expertise to further refine and enhance them. With such collaborative spirit, the potential for groundbreaking modding capabilities becomes boundless, propelling the Xbox experience into new realms.

    While the original Xbox is considered vintage, its legacy, bolstered by such innovations, is evidently enduring.

    The Projects can be found here.


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