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Cerbios Features

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Cerbios Features listed as of latest release 2.3.1:

  • Hybrid Bios Retail / Debug  for all xbox revisions 1.0-1.6b
  • Fully compatible with Insignia
  • Support HDD sizes up to 16TB
  • Single & Multiple Extended Partition Support & Cluster Sizes
    • 1-2 TB partition with 128 KB cluster size
    • 2-4 TB partition with 256 KB cluster size
    • 4-8 TB partition with 512 KB cluster size
    • 8-16 TB partition with 1024 KB cluster size
  • Native XISO Support
  • CCI (Cerbios Compressed ISO) support
  • Boots All Originals  / Unsigned Code / Backups
  • Boots Debug XBE's
  • Full 128MB Ram Support
  • No Reset On Eject
  • No Patch Hack
  • Customise the bios with cerbios tool or trough a .ini
    • Customising options:
  • IGR (CerbiosTool only)
  • No AV Cable Check
  • No DVD check with no additional dongle / hardware 
    • 1 = HDD & No DVD (Legacy Mode) Same as Existing Bioses             
    • 2 = HDD & No DVD (Modern Mode) Complete Removal Of DVD Code
  • Front Led Colour
  • Fan Speed
  • Boot animations path
  • Animation Colors
  • Dash Paths
  • CD Paths
  • UDMA Speed 2-6 (CerbiosTool only, auto mode available) *
  • Debug on/off
  • Colour of the dogs (cerbios tool only)
  • Scaling of dogs (CerbiosTool only)
  • Theme support (CerbiosTool only)
  • External Boot Animations Modern, Xbox, Nyan Cat and XMV Player (Convert Your Animations To XMV Movie Files)
  • Custom Error Messages With Full Explanation
  • Universal Region Fix
  • Invalid time reset
  • Macrovision Protection Disabled       
  • Dual HDD Support
  • Safemode, Press Eject to force UDMA2 on boot
  • Automatic reboot into safe mode (UDMA2) if error 13 or 18 is occurring
  • Parental Control Removal
  • Ability To Launch Cerbios As A BFM Bios Via PBL Methods

Use Pandora to download the latest Cerbios release


Cerbios ISO and CCI compatibility lists

UDMA Modes explained:

UDMA = transfer mode used by the kernel Increasing the UDMA mode has been profiled to improve some game load times in excess of 20% A full benchmark with SSD + StarTech shows disk IO is 70-100% faster across the board Increasing the UDMA mode will require an 80 wire IDE cable

The retail Xbox uses UDMA 2 (33mb/s) by default

The maximum supported UDMA mode by the Xbox southbridge is UDMA 6 (133mb/s HDD <--> CPU)

  • UDMA 6 is experimental, use at your own risk
  • UDMA 6 is confirmed to be working and stable with StarTech adapters
  • UDMA 5 and 6 are unstable on RXD-629A7-7 based adapters, but UDMA 4 seems okay
  • WLXKG-863B are the 'worst' adapters I have experienced working and are largely untested

For more info about IDE to Sata adaptors please visit the IDE to Sata adapter compatibility thread



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