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The big Pandora thread

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The big Pandora thread. You can discuss everything Pandora related here.

Pandora is a modern Xbins browser.
Get ready to open that box up nice and wide 🙂


System Requirements


  • OS: Windows 7+ x64, x86-64 Linux, or MacOS (verified on Big Sur, should run from High Sierra onwards, please report any findings). 32-bit is not supported.
    • Pandora can be ran in a virtual machine with GPU passthrough. (Virtual GPU must be disabled)
  • RAM: 4gb of RAM is recommended for proper operation.
  • A GPU capable of running DirectX 11 or better!


Core Features & Functionality

  • No additional IRC client
  • No extra BS
  • Just files, on files, on files

Install Notes

  • Download
  • Run Pandora
  • Click on Connect
  • Win!!!

Known Issues

  • We never have bugs 🙂

  • We only have happy accidents

GUI Functionality



  • Click on Connect, it is so easy, my grandma could do it.


  • Navigate Remote directory, find what you need right click and download.



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