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IDE to Sata Adapter compatibility thread

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To use a IDE to Sata adapter you will need a 80 wire IDE cable.

Red Startech Adapter:

  • Supports UDMA6
  • There are reports that the adapter can have problems if paired with the version B of the samsung DVD drive.



Blue Startech Adapter:

  • Reported to be working  with UDMA4, everything higher is reported to be unstable.
  • You can't use an dvd drive with this adapter



Delock 62510:

  • Supports UDMA5 (UDMA6 not tested)
  • Cheaper than the startech adapter.
  • No problems reported



Delock 61702:

  • Supports UDMA6
  • EOL but you can find them new on ebay
  • No problems reported



Renkforce RF-4886682:

  • Supports UDMA5 (UDMA6 not tested)
  • No problems reported



China Adapter 1:

  • Supports up to UDMA4 (Stable)
  • Tests did show it can support UDMA5 when there is no dvd drive attached. 
  • How to identify: 2 big caps and writing jp103-5 or RXD-629A7-7 on them



China adapter 2:

  • Supports up to UDMA4
  • Does not boot when UDMA5 is used
  • You can't use an dvd drive with this adapter



China adapter 3 (Not recommended to use):

  • This adaptor makes the xbox boot real slow (around 50/51 seconds) and sometimes won't boot at all if used together with a dvd drive. Boot times are better when you don't connect the DVD drive.
  • Not tested with UDMA higher than UDMA2. Edit: Reported to Support UDMA6.
  • The the build quality can be vastly differently on each one.



China adapter 4 (Not recommended to use):

  • The WLXKG-863B adapters are NOT recommended!
  • Reported as unstable



China adapter 5 (Not recommended to use):

  • The HXSP-0908 adapters are NOT recommended!
  • Only works with UDMA2
  • This adaptor doesn't have a jumper to set master/slave/cable select. This version can only be used without dvd drive.




  • Does not work, don't waste your money on this adapter




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