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Homebrew Games: Ballzy

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Ballzy is an intense dramatic action-packed puzzle game, launch the balls and watch the blocks disappear.

User Guide:

Importing your Song Tracks:

  • Ballzy allows custom music tracks to be played in-game.
  • Place up to Ten (10) WMA audio files in the WMA folder directory.
  • Author and Track Name will show in-game if encoded.

How to make a WMA file from your computer using Windows XP:

  • Run Windows Movie Maker (Start > Programs > Accessories).
  • Select your Audio file (File > Import).
  • Drag your file down to the timeline.
  • Save your file. (File > Save Movie).
  • Select "High quality" from the drop down box and name the Title and Author of the audio track.
  • Name and Save your file to WMA format.
  • Place your new WMA file into the WMA folder of the game.


Left-Stick - Move ball

D-Pad - Menu selection

A - Confirm Selection

B - Fail/Retry/Previous Menu

Back - Previous Song

Start - Next Song

L+R+Black - IGR (In Game Reset)




Team N'Vison would like to acknowledge those in the scene that have strived to contribute and support developments for the "little black box”.

We’ve enjoyed both past and previous releases for without which we could not have added our own contribution.

Lastly we would also like to elevate the state of which homebrew games currently are by our release of Ballzy.


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