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Homebrew Games: Sonic CD (RSDKv3)

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Sonic CD (RSDKv3)

About This File

A complete decompilation of Retro Engine v3.

Ported To OG Xbox By Lightwish01

About the project

  • This fork over the port for Original Xbox
  • This is Retro Engine v3, compatible with Sonic CD

Original Xbox Controls

  • D-pad or Left Analog Stick - Movement
  • A Button - Jump
  • Start Button - Pause

To exit game, select the option on Main Menu, IGR combo buttons don't work here.

Recurring problems

  • Videos don't play.
  • Data.rsdk Mobile version not tested. Use the Steam version if any problems occur.
  • Data.rsdk of Sonic Origins don't work.

Build Original Xbox binaries / xISO

First, you need to configure nxdk according to your operating system, you can see that here

After that, compile using these commands in the terminal

git clone --recursive https://github.com/danielgpinheiro/RSDKv3-xbox.git


make  -f  Makefile.nxdk

Without assets from the official release, this decompilation will not run.

You can get an official release of Sonic CD from:

A tutorial for finding the game assets from the Android version can be found here.

Even if your platform isn't supported by the official releases, you must buy or officially download it for the assets (you don't need to run the official release, you just need the game assets). Note that only FMV files from the original Steam release of the game are supported; mobile and Origins video files do not work.





Original Github page for this port: Link

Forum release thread: Link


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