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NeoGensPlusGX v1b10

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About This File

Genesis Plus GX Sega Genesis/Megadrive/32X/SegaCD/MegaCD/SMS/GG Emulator for XBox.

User Guide:

* Emulates Sega Genesis/Megadrive, SegaCD/MegaCD, Sega Master System, Game Gear, SG-1000, SC-3000, SF-7000, MK3 Emulator

* Can run the entire Genesis / Mega Drive game library (including all unlicensed & pirate available dumps).

* Can run a majority of Master System games (through Power Base Converter backwards compatibility)

* Provides very accurate emulation of SG-1000, Game Gear & Master System consoles hardware for 100% compatibility with the respective software libraries and available ROM dumps. 

* NTSC filter with selectable modes Composite, S-Video, RGB and custom.  Runs full speed too, with no slow down to emulation!

* Custom filter options are 

- Sharpness -> Adjust edge contrast enhancement/blurring.
- Resolution -> Adjust image resolution.
- Artifacts -> Adjust artifacts caused by color changes.
- Fringing -> Adjust color resolution reduction.
- Bleed -> Adjust artifacts caused by brightness changes.

* Support for numerous input devices.  2-buttons, 3-buttons & 6-buttons Control Pads, Sega Team Player & EA 4-Way Play multitaps, Sega Mouse, Sega Paddle Control, Terebi Oekaki tablet, Sega Sports Pad, Sega Light Phaser, Sega Menacer, Konami Justifiers, Sega Activator and XE-1AP analog controller.

* Mouse Y-Axis Inversion

* Virtua Racing playabe

* Banking & copy protection devices used in all known unlicensed/pirate cartridges.  This should make alot of "non-working" games in NeoGenesis playable now.

* Game Genie & Action Replay hardware emulation.

* Sonic & Knuckles ìLock-Onî hardware emulation.

* Support for ROM image up to 10MB (Ultimate MK3 hack).

* Configurable sound mixer (FM/PSG levels) and filtering (Low-Pass filter & 3-Band equalizer).

* Selectable console region.  (Auto, Europe, USA or Japan)

* System Lockups let you enable/disable emulation of illegal address access.  Needed for some demo's and homebrew.

* System TMSS let you enable/disable TMSS emulation and Genesis BIOS support.

* Lock-On let you enable/disable cartridge Lock-On emulation.  ( Game Genie, Action Replay, Sonic & Knuckles ).

* TV Mode let you change the default video signal type.  ( Auto, Pal or NTSC).

* High-Quality FM, when enabled, let you emulate the FM synthesizer chip at its original frequency. 

* FM Volume let you adjust the volume ratio of the emulated FM synthesizer chip. (0~200%).

* PSG Volume let you adjust the volume ratio of the emulated PSG chip (0~200%)

* PSG Boost Noise, when enabled, let you boost the noise channel volume of the PSG chip. This might make some games sound more accurate but, most of the time, itís generally better to leave it disabled.




Q: Can I use my old Neogenesis saves?

A: Yes.  Simply rename your saves directory to "NeoGensPlusGX".  Also be sure to rename "NeoGenesis.ini" to "NeoGensPlusGX.ini".  You will also need to reconfigure your "saves directory to point to the new location.  This can be done from within the emulator "Configuration -> Change Default Directories".  Or you could manually edit the ".ini" file with a text editor.  You might also have to change other default directories depending if they are not relative to the "D:" directory.

Q: I select a game but it keeps on loading the Neogenesis core!

A: If you elected to keep your original Neogenesis saves directory (See above question).  A game with a save configuration will still use Neogenesis as the core.  You can change this by pressing X when selecting a game and manually changing the core.

Q: I set the core to Genesis Plus GX for my Sega CD image but it keeps on reverting back to NeoGenesis for the core.  Why?

A: Chances are the Sega CD image you are selecting is a "Cue/ISO/MP3" combination which Genesis Plus GX currently does not support.  So the interface automatically selects NeoGenesis for your confusion.. uh I mean convenience!

Q: What do I do about UMKT?

A: The UMKT specific Neogenesis core is still there if you need it.  However I would suggest using the Genesis Plus GX core.

Q: Genesis Plus GX is known to be able to play SMS and GG games.  Can I play these?

A: Yes but there is minimal madmab edition support ATM until I decide what to do about this.  No special controller support or pixel perfect yet.



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