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Neogenesis v25b19

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About This File

NeoGenesis Sega Genesis/Megadrive/32X/SegaCD/MegaCD Emulator for XBox.

User Guide:

 - Full sound/video

 - Excellent compatibility - ported from Gens

 - Runs real Sega CDs that you put in your XBox DVD drive or it can
   read ISO/MP3 and BIN image files

 - CUE sheet processing for more accurate CD-MP3 playback

 - CDDISSECT-friendly. Rip with CDDISSECT, upload to XBOX, run CUE

 - Selectable GENS settings : (see notes below feature list)
    + Country code ( Autodetect or force a specific country code )
    + CD Emulation Method - Perfect Synchro or Normal
    + 4-player adaptor on port 1 or port 2
    + Show CD LEDs
    + Fast Blur Effect
    + Sprite Limit
    + YM2612 Improvement
    + DAC Improvement
    + PSG Improvement
    + Selectable MSH2 processor speed
    + Selectable SSH2 processor speed

Almost everything can be changed from the configuration menu.  Here are the
things that require manual modifications to the NeoGenesis.INI file included in
the package: 

Note - you do not need to change the defaults in the INI that comes packaged
with NeoGenesis in order for NeoGenesis to run.  These are all *optional*.

Samba share name - goes in the [GENERAL] section.  Example:


Screenshot directory - default is E:\SCREENSHOTS - goes in [GENERAL] section


Skin directory - where skins can be found.  Default is D:\EMUSKINS - goes in
[GENERAL] section.  Example:


Save directory - this is where you want all your saved games to be stored.
Default is E:\SAVES\NEOGENESIS.  Goes in [GENERAL] section.  Example:


The default ROM directory INI setting goes in the [GENERAL] section as follows:


If you change any of the above items, then you must upload the new NeoGenesis.INI
file to your XBox, load up NeoGenesis, then select "Force Reload D:\\*.ini 
Settings" from the Configuration menu.  Please note that this will overwrite
any of the setting changes you might have made after you first loaded


Menu Navigation

Select menu options with the DPAD or with R/LTrigger.  The speed of 
R/LTrigger movements can be controlled by :

Configuration -> Menu Scroll Speed

There are some places where you can enter or change values.  This 
can usually be done in a variety of ways include DPAD Left/Right, 
R/L Trigger, and L/R Thumb.  Try all of them if the values are changing
too slowly.

"A" selects the highlighted choice.  "B" cancels/returns.
"Y" from a file-select list will go up one directory.




X-port for porting a great collection of emu's over to the xbox, releasing the source code, and answering my stupid questions.

Atariage (Albert in particular) - For providing a place for me to ramble on. For encouragement in general.

Gilou9999 for a new PM3 skin, synopsis, suggestions, rumble codes, etc.

Megaman for doing the cheat codes.  Bomb Bloke for creating useful scripts.

Bigby, Du0ph0ne, TheMaster3, Nytmar3 for some beta testing.

Comments of support from various interested parties.

If I missed anybody shoot me an email and I'll update this file.


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