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Homebrew Games: Borg Nukem

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Borg Nukem

This is a port of kef_Nukem's Borg Nukem, using A600's xDuke for the Xbox, which is a port of Duke Nuken 3D based on JFDuke3D.


Download contains xDuke, which includes Borg Nukem standalone mod.

This port supports HDTV modes but it you want to use the 720p mode, you must run the default720.xbe or rename it to default.xbe.



Left-Stick - Move Forward/Backward/Strafe

Left-Stick Thumb - Crouch

Right-Stick - Turn Right/Left, Look Up/Down

Right-Stick Thumb - Center View

L - Run

R - Shoot

White - Use MedKit

Black - Quick Kick

A - Activate, Select Menu Option, Confirm

B - Use Inventory Object, Back to the Previous Menu

Y - Map On/Off

D-Pad Up/Down - Next/Previous Weapon

D-Pad Left/Right - Inventory left/right

Start - Escape

Back - Jetpack




Known issues:

Polymost renderer has some minor graphic glitches (this is a JFDuke3D bug).

Thanks to the SDLx libs by Lantus, Jonof and Mephisto.


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