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Homebrew Games: Beats Of RageX

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Beats Of RageX

Beats Of RageX is a port of OpenBOR/Beats of Rage, a fun beat 'em up game developed by the Senile Team and later the OpenBOR community.


The PC version of Beats of Rage is required.

To install, upload both BOR.PAK file and default.xbe to the same directory on your Xbox.

You can also upload any compatible OpenBOR PAK file into the same directory and you can choose which one to load. One of the files should be named BOR.PAK.

User Guide:

Use a controller in port 1 or port 2 to navigate the menus.

You can change the default controls via the in-game menus.

You can also change between the following graphic filters by pressing RTHUMB at any time:

  • 2xSai.
  • Super 2xSai.
  • HQ2X.
  • Eagle2x.
  • Super Eagle 2x.
  • SuperScale 2x.
  • AdvanceMame 2x.
  • Simple 2x.
  • 2xSai Scanline.
  • Super 2xSai Scanline.
  • Eagle2x Scanline.
  • Super Eagle2x Scanline.
  • SuperScale 2x Scanline.



Senile team & OpenBOR teams


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