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Homebrew Games: Baku Baku X

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Baku Baku X

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Baku Baku X is a clone of the Sega game Baku Baku.

User Guide:

You must line up falling blocks of animals and foodstuffs. When an animal is aligned adjacent to a tile of its favored food, the animal eats the food. Larger groups of connected food of the same type scores higher when eaten.

When animals eat foodstuffs, they also make random blocks fall on the opponent's area, right after the currently falling blocks. The object of the game is to make one's opponent unable to place more blocks.

Options are saved when you hit (EXIT) in options menu.


D-Pad/Left-Stick - Control the falling blocks

A - Rotates the blocks

X - Enable/Disable Sound effects

Y - Start/Stop Music

B - Change background (random)

Start - Pause menu


D-Pad - Navigate

A - Selection

B - Return



Known Issues:

The only known problem is that the eating is still not perfect, but if you learn what trips the eat engine, you will get around it.


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