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Homebrew Games: Atom-X

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Atom-X is a 2-player board game. It is a port of SDL-Toms original by Tom Barnes-Lawrence.


  • Game Runs.
  • 2 player support (no AI).
  • identifiers for the cells.
  • controls working.
  • graphics working.
  • Sound.
  • Player X wins screen.

User Guide:

Players alternate turns, on your turn, chose a cell on the grid to place your atom.

If you place 4 of your atoms on the same cell it explodes and puts an atom in each of the surrounding cells.

If your opponent has an atom in one of the cells that gets an atom placed in it in this way, you gain control of the cell and his atoms are destroyed.

To win you must destroy all the other players atoms.

Note: Don't use the quit option, just chose start game at the main menu.


Main menu:

Left-Stick - Navigate menu

Start - Choose option

In game:

Left-Stick - Navigate the grid

A - Choose current cell

Start - Return to menu



Special Thanks To Lantus and FreakDave.


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