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Homebrew Games: Asteroids

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This is a remake of the classic Asteroids arcade game.

User Guide:

You must destroy as many asteroids as you can while avoiding enemy ships and of course the asteroids themselves. One good shot and you're toast so watch your back. Your ship has some really cool physics that take into account thrust, direction, and speed.

Pressing L to speeds your ship up and pressing left or right will turn you counter-clockwise or clockwise in a 360 degree rotation. This allows for some quick manuevering when trying to avoid asteroids or dodge enemy ship fire.


D-Pad - Rotate

L - Accelerate

R - Stop

A - Shoot

Start - Begin game, Quit

Thanks to: laZmike, Noxz, kev2, g0at3r, #xfactor and #xboxopensource.


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