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Homebrew Games: AbuseX

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This is a port of the game Abuse-SDL. It's a 2D action/shooting/platformer.

User Guide:

It can take a while to load the program and also to save the game. If you think it has stalled, wait for a couple of minutes first.

You must be playing the game in order to resize the screen. While in resize-mode, use the left and right analog sticks to change the size. Press Start to confirm.

Some of the audio tracks are cut off at the end due to the problems with converting HMI files into MP3 files.


Use an XBox controller plugged into port #1.

D-Pad/Left-Stick - Move character

Right-Stick - Move cursor, aim weapon

R - Fire weapon, Select menu items

L - Activate special power

A - Change weapon (right)

X - Change weapon (left)

Y - Toggle cheat mode

White - Resize screen

Black - Pause game

Back - Exit/cancel

Start - Confirm text message, Unpause


Lantus for porting SDL


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