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Homebrew Games: 2H4Ux

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2H4Ux is a port of the open source puzzle game 2H4U to the Xbox. It is a mix between a Tetris-like game and a wall breaker by the team I4GOT MY BRAIN. It requires good reflexes, coordination, and ambidexters should have some advantages.

User Guide:

2H4U is made up of two parts : the section on the bottom is very similar to Breakout, while the upper section is a form of the game Tetris.

For the upper part of the game, you must align the bricks (using the moving and rotational buttons) to form horizontal lines. Once a line is completed filled up with the bricks (as well as on the left side as on the right side of the screen), the line will disappear and you will be given points.

For the bottom part of the game, or the Breakout part, you must make sure not to lose the ball in handling your "bat" or "racket". When the ball hits a colored brick, the brick becomes grey. Note that the ball goes through grey bricks. Once all of the bricks in a line are grey, that line disappears and you are given points.

The game ends (Game Over) when you have no more balls, or when the upper part gets filled up to the top of the screen.

Note: You can edit RESOLUTION file to change resolution.


L/R or Right-Stick - Paddle Control

D-Pad/Left-Stick Left - Move Tetromino Left

D-Pad/Left-Stick Right - Move Tetromino Right

D-Pad/Left-Stick Down - Speed Tetromino Decent

D-Pad Up or B - Tetromino Rotate

A - Tetromino Fast Drop

Right-Stick Thumb - Open Screen Adjust

Start - Pause Game

Back - Exit Game


Known Issues:

Changing resolution does not work properly.

Lantus for porting SDL, Hyper_Eye for updating it, Pierre-Yves Ricau for making the game. Everyone at EmuXtras.




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