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PC Apps & Utils: deXBE (fixed)

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deXBE (fixed)

DEXBE v0.5 (fixed)

View/Edit XBE-Data and Extract Code/Data Sections. 

  • Release-date : 11.11.2002 (YES, latest known release up to this date)
  • Coder : Hartec  



v0.5 (fixed)
* DARN: seems like I forgot to enable saving for the public version
* Caustik: here is your autograph 😉

* Fixed some Major Structure Problems
* Media Types are now selectable and working !
* Changed most Fields to enabled for copy/paste
+ Added Systemcall resolver
+ Added Region Switches
+ Added XBE Saveing (rewriting)
+ Added Title ID as Chars (ex. MS-0001)

+ Included Init Flag Patching
+ Added Option to Extract All Sections
+ Added Alternate Signature Key's

* Changed Layout due to Information Overload
* Changed Sections to a Listview for better Overview
+ Added more Header-Data
+ Added PE Info
+ Added IDC Export
+ Added Bitmap Export
+ Added Flag-Entry to Library-List
+ Added option to Patch between Debug <-> Retail
+ Added TLS Data (not 100%)

+ First Release




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