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I'm not too active here, but I thought I'd share this. A while back I wrote a batch script to simplify the process to get the eeprom from an XBox. I didn't write the main set of instructions or tools to acquire them; simply streamlined the process into a single .exe relying on a .bat file to fire off commands, such as opening the github pages to projects, diagrams, initiating commands, etc. Now if you happen to download it, it may say that it could possibly contain a virus. This is because I used Winrar to create an SFX file, if you're wary about it, you can right-click it and extract to find all of the contents. I just make all of my applications "portable" by preference.

So basically what this is, is a script putting many of the eeprom reader projects together along with their diagrams to make things much easier for everyone to get their key. This includes:

Arduino Pro Micro Leonardo (5V/16Mhz)

Arduino Nano

Arduino Uno

Pico Pi


I'll leave the video for reference. 

From the video description:

I just made these eeprom toolset batch scripts over the past few days. Including the .uf2 in case it becomes unavailable in the future. 

It is also included in both of these eeprom toolsets but it's easy to just grab & flash it. Also included a diagrams sub-folder to show pinouts, a Github menu to link you directly to the projects and a list of available options to use the same script with to get your eeprom. 

Yes, I know, it was always a pretty easy process to get your eeprom through a serial reader through PonyProg, I actually wrote two Instructables about it a decade ago. But the convenience of these new methods are much welcome. Especially considering many PCs don't have a serial connection these days. 

(Instructables previously written)

With this method, run the installer portion of the program first. This will install Python then pyserial & wxPython prerequisites. After that, just run the eeprom toolset of your choice. One version makes a copy of the eeprom every step of the way to ensure you don't accidently overwrite your original file. These are all written to the desktop. 

Added the Arduino Nano to the downloads section, along with Carlos from Retro Upgrade's fix & diagram. 

How does it work? 

After the prerequisites are installed and the program script is opened, power on the console, put the wires in place as shown in the photo and follow the on screen instructions. 

Note: adding the wires before powering on the console may cause it to spin the fan loudly and shut down after 10-15 seconds. This is normal. Just power it on first and then add your wires to the designated areas. The USB to reader can remain plugged in the entire time. 

Once you've successfully read your key, you can make yourself a new harddrive by downloading FATXplorer (free trial for 7 days) and adding the MSDASH to the C partition and softmod files to the E partition, whatever else to the F partition, etc. 

After you're done building, remember to visit the security tab and lock the drive with the hdd harddrive key from the extracted eeprom or add a personal password after this has been set up. 

And that's it!

BIG thanks to grimdoomer, Ryzee119, maxpower5544 for making their code available to the community! Also thanks to Carlos from Retro Upgrade here on YouTube for pointing out the flaw in the ArduinoProm code while working with the Nano and providing a diagram of the pinout. Check out his video here for the changes he made to make it work: https://youtu.be/6B4diFsEcBw?t=3921

Eaton-works is also pretty awesome and I encourage everyone to buy a software license for FATXplorer if they plan on messing with at least a few of these consoles. Totally worth it. This is very awesome to me still, being that I used to have to boot an old desktop into custom made images of the smallest possible version of slax I could put together just to get lock or unlock the drive and add files. This was hit or miss back then, depending on if the hardware detected the drive while booting up or if it were even capable of it. The old XBoxHDM on CD then later, the USB version that was extremely buggy. Thankfully, those days are long gone.

Note: This .exe was compressed with WinRar, so if you're having trouble opening it, you can always right-click and extract it as if it were just a .zip then load the PicoProm Toolset.bat (or view the code by dragging the extracted .bat into a text editor if you're paranoid and whatnot.)

Also, master801 for sharing the .uf2 [that he apparently acquired from Fringle on GBATemp?] in this thread here:


Eeprom Toolset:

Eeprom Toolset (with Constant Backups)


PicoPi .uf2 (You can actually press an option in the program as shown in the video to copy this directly to the desktop from the script itself instead of downloading it separately here)



PiProm (Raspberry Pi)

ArduinoProm (Micro, Uno)

Pico-ogxbox-eepromdumper (Pico Pi)

Xbox-EEPROM-Utility (ESP32, ESP8266)

picoPromSD (Standalone)

Eeprom Toolset.exe Eeprom Toolset (with Constant Backups).exe

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