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Testing a Philips DVD drive for faults

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I have a Philips drive that's faulty. I've tested it across 4 separate XBOX's (two 1.6's a 1.0 and a 1.2) and I get an identical error amongst all of them.

Any XBOX I connect it to (each with it's own 80 pin cable, as well as stock IDE cable) refuses to boot....it just freezes on the logo. Also, I'm using the yellow power cable that's on each individual unit.

Can anyone tell me some places to start looking on the Philips drive? Fuses? Resistors...capacitors...with my multi meter?

A schematic for the PCB would be nice, or a diagram. Thanks.

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I found a PDF online that said to look for two fuses marked MP200 on the pcb....

4. If your original Xbox DVD drive is dead, completely, no life at all, this may help you. There
are 2 small fuses on the drive PCB on the opposite side to the BA chips (look elsewhere to see
how to get to them) they are brown rectangles with the markings "MP200" on them. If either of
these is open circuit (blown) replace it with a 200mA fuse. I think I broke mine whilst unplugging
the yellow wired connector before the Xbox had properly switched off!!!

My drive is a Philips, but these fuses marked MP200 are not on the pcb...and the guide doesn't specify which model they're referring to.

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