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SylverReZ new modchips for the OG on the way.

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Hello to all SylverReZ and curious OG Xbox followers.

I am delighted to announce that I am currently working on two new projects: the Sylver-X and the Cheapmod Mini v2 set of modchips for the Original Xbox. Stay tuned for more updates.


Cheapmod Mini v2 Features:

(*) TBD (to be determined)

  • x1 256Kbit LPC flash.
  • *DIP switches for write-protect and chip enable/disable.
  • Retaining small form-factor.
  • High-quality, low-cost PCB design.
  • Low-power consuption circuitry.
  • *PC serial programmer (inc. software) to easily re-flash the chip's BIOS.
  • Supports all Xbox revisions (v1-v1.6/b).


Sylver-X Features:

(*) TBD (to be determined)

  • Xilinx low-voltage CPLD.
  • x2 16MBit (2MB) LPC flash banks.
  • Low-power consumption circuitry.
  • High-quality, low-cost PCB design.
  • *Comes pre-flashed with Cromwell (Sylver-X) or Cerbios.
  • v1-v1.4 requires 1 wire, v1.6/b require 1 wire (+5 for LPC rebuild).
  • Support for all Xbox revisions (v1-v1.6/b).
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