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PC Apps & Utils: LogoX2 - Logo changer for Xecuter 2 BIOS

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LogoX2 - Logo changer for Xecuter 2 BIOS

xecutter2 logo changer for X2 bios 4979/4980/4981/4982/4983.
v.41 Beta version.

This is a command line program.

The logo can be a 24 bit bitmaps 100x17 (cf chips.bmp example) or raw type (8 bits pers pixels greyscale).
In the bios, the logo is compressed with a RLE algorithm. So a too complex logo will not hold in the bios.

Do not hesitate to report any problem in the french forum www.xbox-hacks.net (bios section).
or in the bios section of xbox-scene.com forums.

Happy customisation !




0.41 : Accept more type of bmp.

0.4  : 1st version with GUI. Logo can be either raw or bmp.

0.3  : Image file needs to be bmp instead of raw.

0.21 : Correction of one bug: the logo was shifted by 1 pixel.

0.2  : Add support for X2 bios 4979, 4982, 4983.

0.1  : 1st release. Support for X2 bios 4980 & 4981.

Thanks to:
Team xecuter for their bios.
NghtShd for the bios pack/unpack code.
Caustik for the logo pack/unpack code.
Yoshihiro for starting me again on the subject and giving his findings.


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