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Dashbaords: EvolutionX


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Evolution-X was one of the first Xbox dashboards to incorporate in-game reset, activated by pushing down four buttons simultaneously on the joypad (Back, Start or Black, Left trigger, and Right trigger), which is now a feature available in every dashboard today. It is also highly customizable, allowing the user to set their own menu structure by modifying the Evox.ini configuration file and use custom skins which change the visual style of the dashboard and choose what system information it should display.

Note: Dont confuse the Evolution-X dashboard with the Evo-X Bios

Evolution-X Features:

  • Microsoft Dashboard Replacement
  • Built in FTP Server
  • Configurable Menu System
  • Flash BIOS utility
  • Upgrade Harddisk and Format/Partition easily
  • Create game backups
  • Build in Trainer menu system
  • Easy to edit configuration file
  • Simplistic and straightforward menu design
  • Compatible with many Xbox game trainers
  • In-game reset
  • Does not allow users access to potentially dangerous things without explicitly telling it to
  • Will boot to a very basic menu instead of crashing if the configuration file is missing or corrupt
  • Can easily be run from a CD if user still wants access to Xbox Live
  • Can easily be installed via softmod
  • Small size
  • Big skinning community



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