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Xbox Slim Case Design

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So I've been working on creating an aftermarket "slim" case for a while now. The idea is to remove the DVD Rom and use a smaller 2.5" hdd/ssd, internal OGX360, rear USB port for the OGX360 receiver and add status LED's and an OLED display.

Ducting will be incorporated into the top as will the HDD mount. The controller ports are the breakaway part of a controller cable.

Currently working on a PCB for the power/eject, HDD/LAN activity LED's and power button (but I've never created a PCB before so this will be a challenge).

Design so far:

Xbox Slim v2 v45 base copytrimmed.png

Xbox Slim v2 v45.png

Xbox Slim v2 v48b.png

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3 minutes ago, HoRnEyDvL said:

That looks awesome. I think someone was working on a pico solution for power supply not sure if it ever got abandoned. Maybe Kek or someone can offer some advice.

Thanks. This case version uses the stock PSU, however my xbox mini case could do with a better PSU solution. Currently using a pico PSU and ATX to Xbox adapter which is far from ideal. 

It really requires a PSU with a good 5v rail capable of 13a peak, the pico is only 10a peak. Removing the DVD rom and a few filter capacitors helps but again, far from ideal and is probably not good for the xbox mainboard.

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