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DLC: Halo 2

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Halo 2

Downloadable Content There is a title update included in this DLC package. For more info about the DLC Content go to the official release thread on digiex.net

Halo 2 (content supplied by: 500amps, Arawen, AmyGrrl, Crunchbite, Dampwalze, Fixified, h2: Kayak, Navi, Ooda, ShouTime, xTobyPlayZ, and many other anonymous sources) RF Eng TU 1-5, RF all 7 other language TU 5, RF DLC

  • Blastacular Pack - new multiplayer maps: Desolation and Tombstone. 9112 blocks (alt glitchy Blastacular pack included)
  • Bonus Map Pack - new multiplayer maps: Containment and Warlock. 5787 blocks
  • Killtacular Pack - new multiplayer maps: Sanctuary and Turf. 6326 blocks
  • Maptacular Pack - new multiplayer maps: Backwash, Elongation, Gemini, Relic, and Terminal. 14244 blocks
  • Capture the Flag: Classic CTF Tank - Bungie favorite gametype. 4 blocks
  • Capture the Flag: Covie Gulch - Bungie favorite gametype. 4 blocks
  • Slayer: Golden Showers - Bungie favorite gametype. 4 blocks
  • Slayer: Peacemakers - Bungie favorite gametype. 4 blocks
  • Slayer: Swords No Radar - Bungie favorite gametype. 4 blocks
  • Slayer: Team GoldShowers - Bungie favorite gametype. 4 blocks
  • Slayer: Zombies - Bungie favorite gametype. 4 blocks

As an added bonus, we have included 7 of Bungie and OXM staff created gametypes, English Auto-Update 1-4, and Auto-Update 5 spoofed for unarchived French, Spanish, Korean and Traditional Chinese (for Taiwan) Auto-Updates. For the best multiplayer and map compatibility use the correct Auto-Update 5 (1.5 on start screen) for your language disc of Halo 2.

These downloadable content installers will install and sign the Xbox Live Downloadable content to work on your modified Xbox. Xbox Live for the original Xbox closed down on April 15th 2010 so it is no longer possible to purchase any of the DLC hosted here, these installers are now the only way to install and use the DLC.

The installers did let you play the DLC on Xbox Live without being banned, however as Xbox Live for the original Xbox has been closed down this doesn't matter now.

You must have a modified Xbox with either a mod-chip, or softmod with the ability to launch .xbe files or load homebrew applications to use these installers.

How to install:

  1. You must have played the game on your console first for these installers to work.
  2. To use any of the installers simply unzip them, then copy the installer folder to your Xbox hard drive and run default.xbe within the folder using your favorite file manager. (You can optionally move this folder to any Games, Application or Emulator folder on your Xbox hard drive and run the program from the dashboard of your choice. )
  3. Follow the prompts in the menu to install the content and game updates


  • Always set your FTP application to binary transfer mode, as ascii transfer can destroy the content or executables making the content causing you to get errors.
  • If you are having issues running this installer, try using a different dashboard, or build the contents of the folder into an xISO and run it from a burned disc.
  • If you already have a copy of the content installed from this game you will have to remove it prior to installation with this installer, or the content will not copy.

How to remove:

  1. Navigate to E:\TDATA\4d530064\ using your favorite file manager.
  2. Remove $c for downloadable content, remove $u for title updates.


The community needs your help! If you enjoyed this DLC content, please help to find lost Original Xbox content. Head on over to Consolemods.org or Digiex.net, contact Harcroft and help with DLC preservation.


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