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Applications: XBP Table Writer


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XBP Table Writer

This application is to be uses only if your master HDD doesn't have a partition table.

The purpose of this application is to allow people to clone there F partitions with Chimp 261812, the reason you cant do it normally is because I only allow the use of the Partition table for cloning.
So you will need to run this app and pick the correct option based on your partition layout.

How you know you don't have one:

    1) Your HDD was formatted with UnleashX ( Hexen disc eg... ) EvolutionX or an older version of Chimp. ( 2618 or lower versions )

    2) You have a F partition with around about 125GB max space & a G partition with the rest of the space.

    3) You have a F partition with all space. ( note this could also mean you have a partition table, but its safe to update it via the app )


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