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Action Replay

Action replay the ultimate cheat system

Take your gaming to new levels of fun and excitement with the ultimate cheat system for Xbox! Action Replay can give you everything you want...and more! Choose from the huge range of specially created Powersaves for extra weapons, ammo, power and energy. Load special levels, features and much more! Only Action Replay can unlock the hidden secrets that game developers don't want you to discover! The code cracking team at www.codejunkies.com worked constantly back in the day to produce gamebusting powersaves for the latest games and now these powersaves are available again through this Xbox application thanks to Rocky5 and the Xbox modding community. This Action Replay application allows you to install the powersaves from the Action Replay disc and the Code Junkies old online database. Take on the biggest and best games! Unleash the Power - Beat the Game! Requires 1.8gb of space on first run of the application to extract the saves.

Credits: Rocky5


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