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Emulators: Surreal64CE


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Surreal64 CE 'Community Edition' Modification


Q: What does Range Fog and Linear Fog mean?                             *
*    A: Range Fog is the default fog method and usually correct method       *
*    fog. Linear Fog refers to depth based fog on a linear filter. It is     *
*    less costly, but requires the Software Vertex Clipper, which itself     *
*    uses more resources than the old hardware method. Linear Fog can        *
*    create a more visually appealing thickness of fog, but some less        *
*    desirable artifacts may appear. Rice 6.12 only.                         *
*                                                                            *
*    Q: Software Vertex Clipper, what?                                       *
*    A: The Software Vertex Clipper uses code that also relies on DirectX    *
*    features unsupported by XBOX. You can witness the missing side          *
*    textures on treasure chests in Legend of Zelda. The rest of the         *
*    functionality is enough to work, and it also corrects some bad          *
*    vertex clipping seen in Conker's BFD in the level "Enter the Vertex."   *
*    You can enable the Software Vertex Clipper by selecting "Software       *
*    Vertex Processing" in Video Settings. Rice 6.12 only.                   *
*                                                                            *
*    Q: 1964 1.1 and PJ64 1.6 support cheats, what gives?                    *
*    A: I never implemented a menu scheme to modify and activate cheats.     *
*    In the meantime, PJ64 1.6 can load "permanent cheats" that correct      *
*    some big issues. (i.e. Zelda SubScreen Delay Fix, and Pokemon Snap)     *
*                                                                            *
*    Q: I am experiencing graphics glitches in X game.                       *
*    A: That's not really helpful. 😕 The most common graphics issues        *
*    result from Rice Video's lack of [Hardware] Framebuffer Emulation.      *
*    Garbled textures, missing effects, bad vertex clipping, and black/      *
*    missing textures can be a result of a plugin incompatibility rather     *
*    than a port incompatibility. Check your PC for compatibility with       *
*    the closest Rice Video plugin to determine if the bug is in fact a      *
*    regression or something that can be fixed. Next, you can do some        *
*    research to find out what type of bug you are encountering and if it    *
*    can be fixed. Emutalk.net forums and BigHead's compaitibility list      *
*    are helpful here. Gonetz' GLideN64 dev blog has great explanations      *
*    for N64 HLE graphics problems here: http://gliden64.blogspot.com/       *
*    After that, report the game, tell me exactly whats wrong, what          *
*    emulator and plugins you're using, include a screenshot, and I might    *
*    look into fixing it. Otherwise... Don't bother! 😛                      *
*                                                                            *
*    Q: I am experiencing a crash after X in Y game.                         *
*    A: Make sure you are giving the emulator enough RAM, and try setting    *
*    Texture Memory to AUTO. Some games handle the auto texture memory       *
*    trick better than others. If crashes persist, report the game,          *
*    emulator & plugins, how to reproduce the crash, and any combination     *
*    of plugins that worked in the past.                                     *
*                                                                            *
*    Q: PJ64 1.6 doesn't play opening animations all of the time. Why?       *
*    A: There are some changes to PJ64 where previous optimizations don't    *
*    work as gracefully. The result is that some opening animations get      *
*    skipped at the cost of good emulation speed.                            *
*                                                                            *
*    Q: Turok Dinosaur Hunter doesn't work or crashes on me. Why?            *
*    A: PJ64 1.6 won't boot it due to optimization issues. 1964 1.1 will     *
*    only boot it with audioMusyX. Both emulators will eventually crash,     *
*    either randomly, or after the first key is recovered. Mupen64 would     *
*    be needed to play this game fully.                                      *
*                                                                            *
*    Q: Players 2 and 4 are unplayable in Conker's BFD deathmatch.           *
*    A: Sorry. Again, this is a core issue.                                  *
*                                                                            *
*    Q: Can I tweak the speed of a game?                                     *
*    A: Yes. Adjust the Counter Factor value in the emulator's .ini or       *
*    .rdb. A lower CF value emulates closer to a real N64, while a higher    *
*    CF value will create a better experience on old hardware like the       *
*    Xbox. Generally, adjusting CF will do a better job than Frameskip.      *
*                                                                            *
*    Q: Load/Save States as well as the In Game Menu cause me crashes.       *
*    A: Yes, these bugs have been around since Surreal64 1.0. They are a     *
*    result of the emulator and plugins running natively with the lower      *
*    level xbox functionality written into various parts of Surreal64.       *
*    Most emulators for the Xbox include a simple App that the emulator      *
*    is built ontop of.with Surreal64, when a problem occurs, the            *
*    interface becomes inaccessible.          




Surreal64 CE 'Community Edition' Modification
Based on Surreal64 XXX

freakdave, Ez0n3, weinerschnitzel

Additional Rice Video Fixes:
death2droid, microdev

Skin Developers:
cbagy, FrankMorris, Neil222
Beta Testers:
Bigby, Scorp316, YRUSirius

Custom N64 Boxart packs:
Hyperspin-FE 3D Boxart:
Azzbarb, http://www.hyperspin-fe.com/
Contributed by Bigby

Community .ini file tweaks:
Darknior, Monkeys69, scorp316, Spbaabck, Xmodder deluX
Xpfrags, Greatant, Mwaterbu, Dnyce1987

Previous Testing / Ideas / Support:
Neo369, Bomb Bloke, greatant, edwardar, Darknior, que2eqe 

Special thanks to:
Schibo, madmab, Hyper_Eye, nes6502, Iriez
The EmuXtras Team
The ones who made it all happen:
oDD & Lantus

Visit us at:
#surreal64ce on EFNET

Surreal64 XXX Modification

Team XXX
GogoAckman, freakdave, Artik

Skin by:

Music found on OCRemix:

Beta Tester:

Shouts go out to:
oDD and Lantus for bringing N64 emulation to the XBOX
the XBOX-SCENE community for waiting too long for this

and last but not least:

the #A-Shock Kindergarden!!!!1111Shift(1)
and the rest of our beloved scene whiners...

1964 / UltraHLE / Launcher /Plugins

Project64 / Plugins

Testing / Ideas / Support
Very Special Thanks
Azimer for his HLE audio code
Rice for his support with his video plugin
Greets and Thanks
Carcharius, Xport, TJ, DragonZ
and anyone else we forgot

1964 Credits
Schibo and Rice
Copyright (C) 1989 - 1991
steb, zilmar, anarko, Azimer, Jabo
Angelo, ContraSF, Cricket,
_Demo_, duddie, Emul8or, epsilon,
F|RES, FlyingNR6, hartec, Houe, hWnd,
icepir8, LaC, Lemmy Lionel, Niki Waibel,
Phrodide, rcp, Scav, slacka, Smiff,
SpectRe, Spikez, subice, StrmnNrmn,

PJ64 Credits
Zilmar and Jabo
Copyright (C) 1998 - 2001
Tooie and Witten
Smiff and The Gentleman
Thanks and Greets
Anarko, Breakpoint, Cricket, _Demo_,
Duddie, F|ReS, Icepir8, LaC,
Lemmy, rcp, schibo, slacka,
smiff and anyone i missed

UltraHLE Credits
Epsilon and RealityMan
Copyright (C) Epsilon and RealityMan, 1998
Fox and _64Bit_ (Emulators Unlimited),
JoseQ (EmuViews), Atila (Retrogames),
Dextrose, Niki Waibel, Mike Tedder,
Anarko, Romberman 64, Brian Faber,
Jim at EmuNews and the whole
emulation community.

Rice Video Plugins
Copyright (C) 2003 Rice1964

Daedalus Video Plugins
Copyright (C) 2001 StrmnNrmn

Input Plugin
oDD and Lantus
Copyright (C) 1989 - 1991

SDL Sound Plugin
Copyright (C) 2003 by Juha Luotio aka JttL

HLE Sound Plugin
Copyright (C) 2000 - 2001 Azimer

RSP Plugin
Copyright (C) 2001 Jabo and Zilmar


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