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Homebrew Games: Chess Street Fighter 2

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Chess Street Fighter 2

CHESStreet Fighter 2 is a chess homebrew game for Xbox. Play versus all the opponents, beat all of them, and you will become the ultimate Chesstreet Fighter.


In Chesstreet Fighter, you can select a character, and after that you must defeat all the opponents in Chesstreet Fighter matches.

What is a match? In a match, you will play two chess games versus your opponent (one with white pieces, and the other with black pieces). After this two rounds, if you have managed to score more than 1 point (for example if you win both two games, or if you win one and tie the other) you have won the match and you have defeated your opponent. At this point, the progress is automatically saved.

Obviously, if you score less than one point (for example if you loose both two games, or if you loose one and tie the other) you have lost the match, and the game is over. Don't worry, the characters that you managed to defeat, will allways appear as defeated in the future (so you don't need to win all the opponents in a row).

Finally, if you play Round 1 and Round 2 and the score is a draw (for example if you win one game and loose the other, or if you tie both two games), you have the chance to play a "Final Round".

In the final round, you choose if you want to play with white or black pieces, but be careful, because if you pick white, you need to win the Final Round. On the other hand, if you choose black, a draw in the Final Round is enough to win the match.

The progress

When you defeat an enemy, the game will automatically save your progress.

This defeated character will allways appear in Black and White colors in the selection screen.

Will you be able to defeat all the enemies?

Offering draw

Chesstreet Fighter oponents are extremely combative, and they will keep playing every game until the checkmate.

A game is automatically declared DRAW if there is a situation of "stalemate", or 3 repetitions of the same position, or the "50 move rule" without capturing or moving a pawn applies. In any other situation, the oponents will try to keep playing.

Anyways, it would be ridiculous to keep playing during 50 moves a position of king and bishop versus king and bishop (where nobody can win). In this kind of situations, you can press the white button in your turn, to "offer draw" to your oponent. But be warned about the combativity of your oponents: they will only accept a draw in these positions:

  • King versus king.
  • King and bishop versus king.
  • King and knight versus king.
  • King and knight versus king and knight.
  • King and knight versus king and bishop.
  • King and bishop versus king and bishop.

Regular opponents

There are 8 regular opponents, and you can fight versus which you want. Besides their name and their portrait, there are two main differences between these opponents:

Their chess level - They are ordered from the worst player to the best player. You will see that worst players as Zangief or Blanka are very easy to defeat (they even loose pieces stupidly), the difficulty increases as you see more characters, and you will see that Ryu or Dhalsim will be really tough.

Their personality - Each character has his or her own personality and preferred openings. For example, Dhalsim allways tries to play de INDIAN defense, Zangief plays the RUSSIAN (Petrov) defense, Ryu uses the DRAGON variation of the Sicilian... so each one will be a different challenge.

The 8 regular opponents, ordered from weaker to tougher, are these: Zangief, Blanka, Ken, Honda, Guile, Chunli, Dhalsim, Ryu.

Cheater opponents

Besides the 8 regular opponents, you can play versus 4 special opponents that "cheat". If you are looking for a game of straight chess, play simply with the regular ones. But if you want a different challenge, give them a try.

The cheater opponents play at full strength (they have the same knowledge level than Ryu, the strongest of the regular characters) but they do these cheats:

  • Balrog - He steals one of your pawns at the beginning of each game. Will you be able to win or even tie with a pawn disadvantage?
  • Vega - He has 4 knights (instead of bishops), and he loves to use them. Use your bishops wisely to stop the power of the cavalry.
  • Sagat - He has 4 bishops (instead of knights). It is an extremely difficult challenge.
  • Bison - The ultimate challenge. Bison steals TWO of your pawns at the beginning of the game. Impossible to win? Maybe, or maybe not.



Q. How can I save my progress?

Your progress is automatically saved every time that you win a match.

Q. How can a I save a game to PGN format?

At the moment, it is not possible, sorry.



Thanks to all the Xbox and chess lovers, who inspired me to begin this project.


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