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Emulators: MAMEoXtras


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MAMEoXtras - MAME/Arcade Emulator for XBox 


Available ROMs screen:
    X - Show Help file (the readme.txt isn't kept up to date, except
                        for this one key :))

  MAME input mappings:
    As of version 0.5a, there is no INI file to reconfigure the keypad mappings.
    Reconfiguration can be done via editing the osd_customize_inputport_defaults
    function in xbox_JoystickMouse.c.

    All UI config utilizes the "back" (coin 1) button, as this is (hopefully)
    the least disruptive during normal play.
    "Cancel" :          Joypad 1, BACK and START
    "Toggle Crosshair" :  Joypad 1, BACK and Left Analog button
    "UI Configure" :      Joypad 1, BACK and White button
    "Pause" :          Joypad 1, BACK and Black button
    "On screen display" : Joypad 1, BACK and Right Analog Button
    "Reset ROM" :      Joypad 1, BACK, Left Trigger, and Right Trigger
    "Load State" :        Joypad 1, BACK, Right Analog button, and Left trigger
    "Save State" :        Joypad 1, BACK, Right Analog button, and Right trigger

        Player Controls
    Button 1   - A
    Button 2   - X
    Button 3   - B
    Button 4   - Y
    Button 5   - Left Trigger
    Button 6   - Right Trigger
    Button 7   - Left Analog button
    Button 8   - Right Analog button
    Button 9   - White
    Button 10  - Black
    Enter Coin - Back
    Start      - Start




Q How do i install this emulator
A See below
First check your xbox E:\Tdata\4d414d46 folder to make sure there is no previous save file
folder inside it If there is it will be called system just remove it before booting MAMEoXtras
for the 1st time To install on your Xbox HDD just simply pick your preferred emulator folder
and FTP it across

Q Why When i try to start a game the Emulator loads a different one and Then Errors out
A You didnt remove your previous save file before booting up this new version

Q How do i skip warnings before the games load
A In the main menu make sure all skip warning settings are enabled

Q What games does this play
A Mame arcade games only

Q Does it play console games
A Dont be a daftie

Q Does it play Final Burn Legends Arcade Games
A Nope use FBL v1.26


MAMEoXTRAS contains coding by: Erik Abair, opcode, luckyMIC, superfro, XPort,
bendermike, Ebsy, HK$, IQ_132, gamezfan, BritneysPAIRS, dink, leonv32 and grant2258.

This is an update to MameDOX based on version 1.1 it contains new updated driver work
by IQ_132 gamezfan and BritneysPAIRS, plus brand spanking new skins by destronger
and cbagy, plus it features support for many Arcade games that are playable nowhere
else on the Xbox.

Thanks go out to floydthebarber for creating and sharing out the MAMEoXtras
Best Of The Best Rompack tattyfurby for creating all those Art and Sample packs
and leonv32 for renaming many romsets back to what they should be and spotting
many roms which were not declared correctly in the source.

Big Thanks To....


For help guidance and support Thx alot guys couldn't have done it without you



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