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  • Sonic CD comes to the Original Xbox with RSDKv3 Port by Lightwish01


    In a significant development for the Xbox homebrew community, Daniel Pinheiro has successfully ported Sonic CD to the original Xbox, following his previous achievements with Sonic Nexus and Celeste Classic. This latest project is part of Pinheiro's ongoing efforts to bring classic Sonic games to older consoles using various versions of the Retro Engine.

    Pinheiro shared the news in a recent update, stating that for the port to function correctly, players need to place the game assets in the same directory as the .xbe file. More detailed instructions and technical details are available on the project’s GitHub page.

    While this release marks a remarkable milestone, Pinheiro also noted that his next projects, which involve porting versions 4 and 5 of the Retro Engine, will require more time. He explained, "The next Retro Engine ports should take a little longer to come out, as I need to rest a little and focus on other points in my personal life, but I promise it won't take long to return with the ports."

    Pinheiro's dedication to reviving classic games on the original Xbox has not only allowed gamers to relive their favorite Sonic moments but also preserved the legacy of these games for future generations. His work underscores the enduring appeal and community support for retro gaming.

    Fans and followers can stay updated and contribute to the project by visiting the GitHub repository at https://github.com/danielgpinheiro/RSDKv3-xbox.

    Make sure to follow his thread below for future updates and discussions.





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