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List of Working Controllers with XBlast

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While this doesn't seem like it needs to be made, with the increase of people tsopping and modding their xbox, Xblast is a tool that is very valuable in this case

However, not all controllers work with Xblast (assuming because of hard coding of what usb ID's are built into Xblasts code)

Heres a list of working controllers confirmed by the community:

Both 1st party controllers are fully supported

Microsoft Xbox Duke Controller OEM XBOX X08-17160

XBox "S" Style Controller (any colour variation)

Interestingly, its been reported by members of the Xbox scene discord that Xblast also supports some 3rd part controllers:

MadCatz MicroCon Wired Controller

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2 hours ago, SylverReZ said:

It'd be nice if we had a larger compatibility list made.

thats the plan 😛 ive been in talks with Harcroft so we can get a larger list of dumps of hw ID's so a newer one can be made with LOTS more compatibility 

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