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NMB Fan - 2810KL-04W.B50

This fan is simple to open. Just remove the sticker from the back, remove the red "spring ring" (be careful removing this ring!) and done. 





Delta Fan - 5310

Pretty simple to open the Delta fan. Just gently push them from behint on the blades or use the back of your tweesers (Use 2 tweesers to apply pressure on two sides at the same time). Both will work just fine. Take care not to lose the white round "pad".  





Nidec Fan - E34801-55MIC1

Pretty simple to open like the Delta fan.  Just gently push them from behint on the blades. It needs slightly more pressure before the rotor comes of but at the end not to hard to manage.  





Sunon Fan - PKD1207PTV1-A B415

Sry but I ain't have one of these on hand to test.






Are these fans serviceable and is it worth it?

  • Delta = Yes | Yes
  • NMB = Yes | Yes
  • Nidec = Yes | Yes
  • Sun = Unknown | Unknown



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