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Xbox Original - Aladdin XT - Cerbios

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Hi all. Xbox 1.6 with aladdin xt plus2 installed. I want to flash the latest Cerbios. Flash SST 49LF020. I sew in the programmer, insert it into the chip, and as a result it tries to start and nothing. The chip wiring is standard, D0 wire too. What I'm doing wrong and what I'm doing right. Help me please.
The installation diagram is below. Samsung memory chips.

To be sure:
1. Didn’t copy anything to HDD
2. HDD standard
3. Cable component China and standard AV
4. The BIOS file that I’m trying to write is Cerbios Hybrid V2.3.1 BETA.bin


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Posted (edited)
42 minutes ago, SylverReZ said:

What console revision do you have, and how are you programming the chip?


xgecu t48 Programmer (I do it as in the guides on YouTube for example Mad Mod Labs chanel)

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4 minutes ago, SylverReZ said:

Try reflowing the LPC pin header or install a LPC rebuild QSB.

I have a second chip with stock firmware and it works great. The problem is most likely something unrelated to soldering.

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