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Darkwatch Launcher: Split-screen Coop patches and CDX-based Launcher for Darkwatch

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Darkwatch Launcher

What is Darkwatch Launcher?

First some background. Darkwatch was released on PS2 and Xbox. The PS2 version has split-screen cooperative campaign. For the Xbox version, they removed split-screen coop in favor of having an Xbox Live mode. Some Russians figured out how to resurrect the coop mode. The discussion can be found here: https://www.emu-land.net/forum/index.php/topic,69320.0.html?_x_tr_sl=auto&_x_tr_tl=en&_x_tr_hl=en. The caveat is that the functionality to save/load the coop progress does not exist in the Darkwatch game files. Coop progress is saved (in the RAM) until the system is reset, at which point it restarts at the first level. The solution? Darkwatch has 17 different chapters or levels. By hex editing the default.xbe with a different starting level code, coop progress can be resumed where it was left off. That's where Darkwatch Launcher comes in! I made Darkwatch Launcher with CDX. It gives you the ability to launch Darkwatch with chapter selection for Coop, or you can launch into the original Live-enabled version.

So what is Darkwatch Launcher Package?

Darkwatch Launcher requires 18 different patched XBE's to function. Darkwatch Launcher Package includes a .BAT script file which generates and patches the 18 different XBE files. It also includes the launcher files and folder structure. NO GAME FILES ARE INCLUDED! You will need to source those yourself.

480p, Widescreen?

Darkwatch Launcher Package's patcher script also allows you to patch the game files with a 480p fix and/or widescreen. The 480p fix patch can be found floating around online. The widescreen patches can be found here: http://ps2wide.net/xbox.html.


Because I, like many people, search for couch coop games to play with my friends/family. It is scarcely known that Darkwatch can be patched for split-screen coop, and due to the inaccessibility of the patches and the difficulty resuming progress, I believe it is oft ignored. Darkwatch plays like a zombie/vampire western version of Halo. It is worth your time if you are looking for more couch coop FPS experiences. The Xbox version also has advantages over the PS2 version: 480p, widescreen, and in coop, both players play as Jericho, making cutscenes logical.









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