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Introducing ogXboxDLC, a collection of known DLCs on a single disc.

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ogXboxDLC is an installer or boot disc of known DLCs (and Titile Updates) for the original Microsoft Xbox.
The DLCs was downloaded from Harcroft's thread at digiex.net on 06 December 2023.

I've only tested the installer using xemu and xiso boot on real Xbox. So no warranty if it's would works on physical disc.



  • Easy to use menu, with some help section so you wont get lost.
  • Install 113 Downloadable Contents.
  • If you're CRT lover, use the Grid and SMPTE skin to calibrate your TV.
  • Content Recovery Tool to manually "resigning" DLC.


Download Link:


Archive size: 3 GB

Iso size: 7,5 GB


How To Use:

  • If your box can boot xiso: (1) extract the ogXboxDLC.7z, then (2) send extracted folder to your games directory (usually F:\GAmes or G:\Games)
  • If you want to burn it into a disc: (1) extract the ogXboxDLC.7z, (2) join ogXboxDLC.0.iso and ogXboxDLC.1.iso into one iso, and then (3) burn that single iso to disc.
  • On Linux machine, use cat to concatenate/join the isos: cat ogXboxDLC.0.iso ogXboxDLC.1.iso > ogXboxDLC.iso



  • UnleasX used as the installer is know for bad memory management. When we browse the DLC menu, after some scrolling down the cover art will become blurry and gone.
  • Build script is included in the xiso. It may not automagically works. See the note in the script for the reasons.
  • I've uploaded ogXboxDLC to a free Mega account. So no warranty if it will stay online.
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