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MiloHax DX Game Loader


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MiloHax is a group of people dedicated to modding games made by Harmonix (Guitar Hero 1, 2 and 80's, Rock Band and Dance Central. The engines they used (Milo) is quite easy to edit as most of the games logic is handled in scripting. Guitar Hero II DX 2.0 released on PS2 and had a loader for each version (As Guitar Hero 80's DX and debug executables was also included). With the rewrite starting for Guitar Hero II DX to make PS2 and 360 more unified I've decided to start work on my own loader for the games using the Kiosk disc.

The app Isnt fully done yet, still not tuned enough yet and missing some features but basic game loading is working so far. It can load all the DX projects for the 360. The goal of this loader is to be a celebration of MiloHax and have the trailers, information and history to be in one place. I want to get it to a point where it could be used as a replacement for Aurora/FSD if wanted. 

The link to the project can be found here :glitchgod0/DX-Game-Loader: Loader for the various Rock Band Deluxe mods. (github.com)

and MiloHax can be found here MiloHax (github.com)

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