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Modern Guide to Setting up FTP for OG Xbox

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  • Single CAT5 ethernet cable.
  • PC with an ethernet port.
  • Xbox console.

Configuring the network adapter:

  • Connect one end of the ethernet cable to your Xbox and then the other end on the back of your PC's ethernet port.
  • Go to 'Network and Sharing Centre' and select the first current Wi-Fi connection.
  • Select 'Properties' > 'Sharing' and check the box labelled 'Allow other users to connect through this computer's network'. If there is more than one connection in the drop-down list, then select 'Ethernet' and click 'OK' twice.
  • Next, select the ethernet connection.
  • Select 'Properties', check the box labelled 'Internet Protocol Version 4' then select properties.
  • From the properties window, make the following changes:
IP address:
Subnet mask:
Default gateway:
  • Once you've made the following changes, click "OK" twice.
  • Download WinSCP or FileZilla, any client will do, which will be used to connect to your Xbox.

Setting up network configuration on Xbox:

(This section will only be focusing on setting up FTP for UnleashX, your dashboard may follow a different setup).

  • From the UnleashX dashboard, select 'Xbox Admin' > 'System' > 'Settings' > 'Network'. Make the following changes in the 'Network' section:
Type: Static
IP address:
Subnet mask:
DNS 1 & 2:
  • Press 'B' once, when you are asked if you want to make changes to the configuration, select 'Yes'.
  • Go back four times using the 'B' button, then scroll down and select 'Reboot'.
  • Once the system reboots, the new static IP address will show up in the bottom-right corner of the screen.

Connecting to your Xbox:

  • To confirm that everything works, open up the FTP client of your choice that you have installed.
  • Enter the IP address of your Xbox, set the port to '21' and click 'Connect' or something similar in your client.
  • When asked for both a username and password, the defaults are 'xbox' (no quotations).


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