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member upload: Xbox Save Game Installer For Online Play

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Xbox Save Game Installer For Online Play

This installer contains saves for Insignia-supported games that require certain pieces of content to be unlocked (vehicles, levels, characters, etc.) before they can be used online and/or in other multiplayer modes.

To install, simply FTP the "Save Game Installer" folder to your Xbox console and run the "default.xbe" file contained within using your preferred dashboard.
You can run it directly through a file browser or you can run it from your dashboard's Apps/Applications menu, provided you FTP'ed it to your usual Applications folder.

You can also convert the folder into an xISO using a tool such as Qwix or extract-xiso if you wish to run this installer on xemu.

Once inside the installer, simply select which saves you wish to install from the menu. 
Please note that some saves cannot be installed if you already have a save of the same type on your HDD, these saves will include a notice in their description with further explanation. PLEASE READ THE DESCRIPTIONS.

Art & INX files - BigBucks000100
XBE files - Harcroft & HALO
Additional save edits - BigBucks000100
Additional support - Harcroft
Background music - OutSource - Plazma
UI SFX - Unreal Championship (Digital Extremes & Epic Games)

Charles Lee Ray
Jay 'FNG' Philbrook
the SEGA shop/bLiGhTy
...and one or more unknown contributors

Special thanks to the Insignia team for all of their work so far.

Disclaimer: None of the contributors to this installer are affiliated with Microsoft, the Xbox brand, or the Insignia service.


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