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OGxHD + 720/Widescreen Patches - Megathread


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An Xbox game has a DEFAULT.XBE which is basically the .exe of a program. Inside this DEFAULT.XBE, is a bunch of hex that determines how a game runs and what it does. Using this default.xbe, and some patching magic,
one can make a game run natively in 720p, or add widescreen functionality that was never present in the first place. These settings were likely disabled by the game developers themselves due to hardware graphical limitations and release time restraints.

OGxHD is a brute force hex editor that looks for any mention of a resolution inside a game's DEFAULT.XBE, at tweakable levels of thoroughness. Widescreen and resolution patches can be performed if the settings happen to be just right. The level of success is fairly low.


IPS/BPS patches are small files that can be applied directly to the game's DEFAULT.XBE file using a tool such as Lunar IPS. Widescreen and resolution patches can be performed including extra things to make the patch work if the creator was clever enough.


Wouldn't you want your Xbox games to look even fresher with higher fidelity on original hardware? I know I would.


I'm making this post for the purpose of isolating all public information about OGxHD and patches to make everything easy to find and reference.
Yes this info has been posted everywhere, but I'd like to have everything ready in one thread.
My long term goal is to find/create patches for every retail Xbox game. If the game seriously can't handle anything, then at least we can say we tried.

I will add more when I can.

OGxHD Banner

Archived OGxHD page, (Download Link OgXHD v1.0.5a)
Lunar IPS(Download link Lunar IPS 1.03)

Emuxtras 720p Patches thread

Testing List (About 32% of all Xbox games tested, looks dead)

IPS/BPS Patches I've found on the internet:
User 'Headph0ne' 480p Patches
User 'x720p' 720p Patches Emuxtras
User 'x720p' 720 Patches OGXbox 
(Most likely duplicate post)
PS2Wide.net Xbox patches

Xbox HDD ready fixes (if you're trying to edit a default.xbe for a game that doesn't run from the HDD, (FATX pathname limit), you'll need these)

List of Xbox games with alternate display modes


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