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News: XBMC-EMUSTATION Test Build 1.4.007 released by Rocky5 , Introducing Critical Fixes


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Rocky5, the dedicated developer behind XBMC-Emustation, has recently unveiled a new test build, version 1.4.007, featuring several important fixes and enhancements. This update addresses various issues reported by the community, promising a more streamlined and improved user experience. Let's take a closer look at the key fixes included in this update:

1) FTP 4GB File Transfer Issue Resolved:
One of the prominent issues resolved in this test build is the FTP file transfer problem with 4GB files. Thanks to the collaborative efforts of Team Resurgent and EqUiNoX, users can now transfer large files seamlessly without encountering any hindrances.

2) Fix for Returning to ROM List:
A significant bug related to returning to the ROM list has been fixed in this update. Users will now be taken back to the ROM list when exiting a game/rom, enhancing the overall usability of XBMC-Emustation.

3) Homebrew and Ports Menus Issues Rectified:
Rocky5 has diligently worked on fixing all the issues associated with the Homebrew and Ports menus. Users can now access the XBE edit mode.

4) Comprehensive Scanning of Xbox Games:
An issue related to game scanning has been addressed in this update. Previously, XBMC-Emustation was unable to scan all Xbox games. However, with the introduction of version 1.4.007, the scanning process has been improved, ensuring that all games are properly detected and displayed within the application.

5) Streamlined Backend Enhancements:
Additionally, this update includes back-end changes aimed at streamlining the XBMC-Emustation application. These changes optimize the performance and functionality of the software, leading to a more efficient user experience.

Users eager to try out the latest improvements can download the test build from within XBMC-Emustation Downloader. It is important to note that test builds may still contain undiscovered bugs, so users are encouraged to provide feedback and report any issues encountered during testing.




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