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X68000X v6b04

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About This File

X68000X X68000 Emulator port for XBox.

User Guide:

 - Emulates X68000

 - Excellent compatibility - ported from Keropi

Default ROM dir is D:\X68KDISKS

Important Notes

Some games require framerates greater than 60fps.  To allow for this, the refresh rate
must be "turned off" to allow immediate refresh of the screen.  However, this is not 
compatible with high-definition modes.  If you are trying to play a game in a HD mode
(like 1080i) and the sound is all choppy, then you'll have to revert back to normal 480i
to play the game correctly.

Additionally, for optimal performance, the screen is not updated unless changes have been
made to it.  If you are fast-forwarding through disk loads, oftentimes you will fast forward
through the most recent screen update and you won't see the changes.  If you're staring at a
black screen after fast-forwarding and you think something is up, you can either press
the Left-Thumbstick to bring up the on-screen keyboard or you can press the Right-Thumbstick
to bring up the In-Game Options menu.  This will force a refresh of the screen and you can
see what's what.

The native resolution of the X68000 is 768x512.  The XBox (without a highdef A/V pack) can only
do 640x480 - so when you load some games don't be surprised if the text is all garbled.
Fortunately this doesn't really affect gameplay once graphics are on-screen.  If you
have a highdef A/V pack, then changing to 1080i mode will make things look much nicer. 


Everything can be changed from the configuration menu.  

To change things like default save directory, default game directory, etc, go to
Main Menu -> Configuration -> Change Default Directories


Menu Navigation

Select menu options with the DPAD or with R/LTrigger.  The speed of 
R/LTrigger movements can be controlled by :

Configuration -> Menu Scroll Speed

There are some places where you can enter or change values.  This 
can usually be done in a variety of ways include DPAD Left/Right, 
R/L Trigger, and L/R Thumb.  Try all of them if the values are changing
too slowly.

"A" selects the highlighted choice.  "B" cancels/returns.
"Y" from a file-select list will go up one directory.




X-port for porting a great collection of emu's over to the xbox, releasing the source code, and answering my stupid questions.

Atariage (Albert in particular) - For providing a place for me to ramble on. For encouragement in general.

Gilou9999 for a new PM3 skin, synopsis, suggestions, etc.

Bigby, Du0ph0ne, TheMaster3, Nytmar3 for some beta testing.

Comments of support from various interested parties.

If I missed anybody shoot me an email and I'll update this file.


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