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AdamX v6b6

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About This File

AdamX Colecovision / Adam Emulator for Xbox

User Guide:

Default ROM dir is D:\ADAMGAMES

Important Notes

If you want to run Adam disk/tape images, then select Adam emulation from
the game configuration menu and change the format from cartridge to disk
or tape.


Menu Navigation

Select menu options with the DPAD or with R/LTrigger.  The speed of 
R/LTrigger movements can be controlled by :

Configuration -> Menu Scroll Speed

There are some places where you can enter or change values.  This 
can usually be done in a variety of ways include DPAD Left/Right, 
R/L Trigger, and L/R Thumb.  Try all of them if the values are changing
too slowly.

"A" selects the highlighted choice.  "B" cancels/returns.
"Y" from a file-select list will go up one directory.

Controls for text browser:

A -> Start Search
B -> Exit
X -> Continue Last Search
Y -> Simulate width font

White -> Previous file
Black -> Next file

Start -> Help screen
Back -> Reset view as if document was loaded for first time.

Dpad -> Up/down, Left-> Up Page, Right-> Down Page
Left Analog button -> Set font size
Left Analog Up -> Top of file
Left Analog Down -> End of file
Right Analog button -> Set text screen size
Right Analog left/right -> decrease/increase fixed-width font size

Left/Right triggers - Move up/down text file.

Controls for screenshot browser:

A -> Lock/Unlock Aspect Ratio
B -> Exit
Y -> Delete file (Utilities-> browse screenshots only)

White -> Previous file
Black -> Next file

Start -> Help screen
Back -> Toggle between "Full Size" and "Size to fit screen".

Dpad -> Up/Down/Left/Right -> Move image 1/4th the total size of the image.
Left Analog button -> Music Control Menu
Left Analog up/down -> Move screen up/down.
Right Analog left/right -> decrease/increase screen size.  Size changes proportional to distance the stick is pressed.




X-port for porting a great collection of emu's over to the xbox, releasing the source code, and answering my stupid questions.

Atariage (Albert in particular) - For providing a place for me to ramble on. For encouragement in general.

Wimpy & Perr - For providing me even a better place for me to ramble on.
Surreal CE team - Just because they are cool!
Gilou9999 for new COLOUR SD and HDTV skins, synopsis, suggestions, rumble codes, etc.

Cospefogo for the onscreen keyboard used by AdamX.  Frank Morris for fixing the minor spelling error in the onscreen keyboard. 😛
jamahowal for some neat Adam images.
Guybird for the "Button List" concept/idea and waal for the "Popup Action List" idea.
Comments of support from various interested parties.
If I missed anybody shoot me an email and I'll update this file.

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